Late afternoon of Day 11, “12 Days of Christmas,” 2012: Journey to Oakwood, veil paintings! “Woman and Nature” book reading by a grizzled old guy! Circle of Love, and “Do we have doubles?”


One example of a “veil painting” that I found by googling that phrase.

I returned three hours ago from a wonderful 24 hour journey to the Oakwood Retreat Center, near Muncie, Indiana, where I joined with about two dozen other expanded souls of many different ages and life histories, to help bring in the new world we are a’bornin’ NOW. Always NOW. No other time but NOW.

The Oakwood Retreat Center was also the venue for the Thomas Fortel yoga retreat that I recently participated in. I find it a very compatible, sympatico place for me, neither too woo-woo or uppity, but kind, generous, and serving very good, organic food! I only stayed for one night of their planned three-day weekend, and even that was packed with surprises. For example, a terrific drumming session, right when I got there.

Later, after dinner, we started by watching/listening to a wonderful video with music set to display the “veil paintings” of Donna, one of the people who live there. We were told that the technique that results in “veil paintings” was brought through by Rudolf Steiner, for the Waldorf Schools. She invited me to return in January, when she and I and another new friend, Laurel, will play for a day to bring more veil paintings through!

So that’s why I accidently left my best walking shoes there when I drove back here late this morning. A way of ensuring my return.

Another person who lives there, a grizzled old guy, read the entire chapter of Susan Griffith’s monumental 1978 book Women and Nature out loud to the accompaniment of softly beating drums. Ted’s delivery was so quiet and deep and masterly that even the small children in the room fell silent.

If anyone wondered what this new age we are abornin’ is to be about, that reading should have dispelled it. BRING BACK THE FEMININE. REBALANCE FOR WHOLENESS.

Speaking of which, here’s an interesting blog post that speaks of how “a woman in blue” cured James Gilliland from terminal bronchial pneumonia when he was a child. He too, calls for a return to the “divine feminine.”

The Third Secret of Fatima

(I love it when grizzled old guys call for the feminine . . .)

But this morning’s little circle of Love that kept growing and expanding during the hour I sat in it was the most exquisite of all my experiences during those 24 hours. Such honest, raw, sincerity. Such open-heartedness. Especially relished being in circle with young ones and old ones together. We old ones serve as the his-storians (and her-storians), telling our origin stories to the young ones who are already, in their attitudes and relationships, manifesting the new, rebalanced world that our decades of at first dramatic and in-your-face, and then patient, behind-the-scenes efforts seeded into the collective winds of our times.

So grateful!

photo-1Oh, here’s a wild one: Today my sister Marnie emailed me a photo that she titled “Do you have a twin?” Peering closely at the photo, I was astonished to see how this woman (who was receiving an award for some non-profit in Bellevue Washington) dresses like me and looks so much like me that only her glasses differentiate us! And this, after two encounters yesterday, on the fabled 12.21.12, with people at Oakwood who thought they had seen me in places I have never been. We joked about having “doubles,” or of “bilocating.” So! What to make of this wild synchronicity? Do we have doubles? Do we bi-locate?

Now I must stop to prepare for another event of this three-day extravaganza heralding the 12.21.12: A gaggle of crones meet tonight at Lucille’s house for a pitch-in supper and who knows what else? What will these grizzled women cook up for the future, now that we’re past the awesome end-date that so many people took so literally, especially some who call themselves “lightworkers” and “wayshowers” ā€” so that today they are disappointed to not be already lifted up, out of here, “Ascended,” as it were. Hey, wait a minute! We’re HERE, NOW. Let’s go. Wake up! It’s time! We’ve got a world to reconfigure in the image of the Divine Feminine.

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