Last night, between 3 and 4 in the morning, a strong, mysterious presence . . .

I had been awake for a few minutes, just lying there, in contemplation. Then, out of the darkness, what I can only describe as a gentle, but strong, bell-like sound, followed by a slight rustle, just outside the east window of the bedroom.

The sound woke up my pup Shadow, who “ruffed,” briefly, sat up listening for more. There was no more. He settled back down.

Nor was I moved to “investigate” by going to the window to see what was out there. Somehow, I intuitively knew that nothing would be out there. That the visitation was over.

The bell-like sound reverberated in awareness for a few minutes. It felt welcoming, kind. Even now, over six hours later, I can almost bring this bell-like gong into awareness again. Its presence felt like an affirmation from another dimension.

I had put up the Terence McKenna post that afternoon, in which he had said something that struck me: that whatever UFO or paranormal phenomena that appear, “they” can take any form whatsoever! Yes, not necessarily human or humanoid, or animal, flying saucer, or insectoid, or elven, etc., but any form! Even the form of simply “appearing” as a strong, bell-like sound, once, with a slight rustle, and then silence.

It was over.

And I was changed.


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  1. I had a similar experience last week….lying on my right side in bed in the early morning hours in a twilight sleep two..maybe three voices together whispered in my left ear, in a language I had never heard before. I knew the sound was not human…that it was from something else. Maybe it was 3-5 words spoken slowly, the last one sounding like ”çeil”. I was not frightened, but it was also not like a Spiritual enlightenment that electrifies my soul. It was peaceful, calm, and so was I. Non-emotional. I slowly rolled over to look, knowing that I would probably see nothing, which I didn’t. But I knew their presense is with me and that I am watched and protected.

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