Kuntsler: How Dare He Recover?!!! — and my response

Thanks to my “astrology student” Laura Bruno, who astutely noticed Pluto’s turning this past Sunday (see comment section of yesterday’s post), it certainly IS worth noting that Trump, supposedly on his CV deathbed, took a surprise (as usual: this president, with Sun conjunct unpredictable Uranus, is nothing BUT surprise) victory lap around Walter Read Hospital on Sunday afternoon, October 4, waving at and encouraging his supporters amassed outside. Yes. Sunday, October 4, did just happen to be the very day that Pluto, planet of death and rebirth — dying, and coming back to life again, bottoming out and then rising up — turned go go Direct from Retrograde motion, where this planet has been languishing, burrowing, moldering deeper and deeper, since April 25, the day it turned to go retrograde.

Then, of course, only one day later, on Monday evening, after arrival back at the White House, came the signature moment, when he ceremoniously removed his white mask (first time in white mask, I think; the others have all been black) on the balcony and offered a long, photo op salute to Marine One.

William Kuntsler wrote a delicious post describing the presidential Covid drama. Love his adjectives!

How Dare He Recover?!!

I’m left with my own paranoid tendencies re: anything having to do with Big Med/Big Pharma. It’s not the Covid that scares me; it’s my concern that, because most people are totally ignorant of their own body’s immune system capacity to heal itself; not to mention ignorant of their own body’s lifelong harboring of hundreds if not thousands viruses, bacteria, other critters, all in balance, unless stressed — by especially, long-running FEAR, that they they can therefore be hoodwinked into thinking that a particular virus (even if “new,” even if “weaponized”) is out to kill them.

For me, what this entire scamdemic, plandemic has exposed is our civilizational FEAR of our own bodies, and our fear of death. Period. Without confronting and honoring, and ultimately embracing, integrating, continuously transforming all our emotions, including fear, we will be constantly subject to the pull of any outside “authoritiy” telling us what is real and therefore how to think and what to do.

Trump defies the mind-warping media drummed Fear virus that has wrapped seemingly the entire human world in its unholy spell.

I’m left with the thought that perhaps Trump himself truly IS an ubermensch. Because how else could he get away with — at the age of 74! —  little sleep, fast food and no exercise as his main physical routines? I would have been dead a long time ago were I to live like he does.

On the other hand, unlike most people, Trump lives fearlessly, to his full capacity. And that, as we are becoming more and more aware, is not only of enormous disruptive benefit to not just society, but perhaps even to his own body! In other words, it may be that, because his will and intent are so very strong and impregnable, his body then aligns within the powerful frequency that he sets for himself — and for all of us. What better example than President Donald J. Trump, of someone who looks adversity in the eye, confronts it, even surrenders to it, and emerges, “20 years younger,” on the other side?

His apparent recovery from Covid is especially notable in that, if it does turn out to be true in the long run, he has thereby overcome the karma inherited from his paternal grandfather, who died a victim of the 1918 flu epidemic.

Would that the entire world could overcome the karma we have inherited from the long-running collective PTSD stemming from war, pestilence, disease, violence of all kinds. Perhaps Trump’s personal victory here shows all of humanity the way forward as we let go of the past.


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  1. firegirl says:

    It’s fairly easy to recover from something you never had.

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