Kucinich: U.S. Foreign Policy Should be Consistent and Honest

The first time I became aware of Dennis Kucinich was back in the ’90s, when he spoke at a D.C. conference concerning the growing threat of space-based weapons. I was stunned by the subdued, yet powerful presence of this small, seemingly frail man who actually had the temerity to introduce a bill to establish a Department of Peace in the U.S. Congress. All these years later, he has demonstrated, through the integrity of his personal example, what he calls for in the U.S. Government, consistency and honesty.

WASHINGTON – April 18 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following response to near back-to-back reports that the United States has played a much larger role in the so-called Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East, including direct support for the opposition in Syria, than previously known.

“The United States has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of any other nation, just as no other nation has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the United States,” said Kucinich.

Today, we learned that the United States was financing the political opposition in Syria at the same time that the Administration was pursuing a policy of engagement with the Syrian government, sending an ambassador to Syria for the first time in six years.

“If we don’t have integrity in our dealings with other countries, there is no reason for anyone to believe anything the U.S. government will say,” said Kucinich. “Reforms in Syria and other countries may be necessary but must come from within. Outside interference runs the risk of precipitating violence, inviting retaliation and even more violence.

“We foment further instability when we selectively pursue democracy-building agendas. Our silence in the face of increasing state-sponsored violence by our allies in the region against peaceful protestors raises serious questions about our efforts in the Arab and Muslim world.

“Our destructive and inconsistent foreign policy is contributing to war of all against all. At a time when our nation continues to experience significant economic hardship, we continue to drive the Pentagon’s budget through the roof and continue trillions in long-term spending for war.

“It seems that the United States has plenty of time to impose itself onto the business of other nations, but little time to take care of things here at home. We invest in war instead of investing in Americans by helping with job creation, universal health care, clean energy, and early childhood education.

“The United States will continue to be on the wrong side of history when it continues to support anti-democratic regimes in the Arab world and support democratic movements only when they further our own interests,” said Kucinich. “It seems our only solution to this self-created debacle is more money for arms and more money for war.”

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