KRYON: World Peace is just the first step. Next, “the (quantum) physics of consciousness”!

Yes, I’m still hot on the trail of Trump’s stated desire for an end to endless wars, for WORLD PEACE. Of course he shares this longing with every single person on this planet who does not (know they) make money off war-mongering. Notice I put part of that last sentence in parenthesis. Why? Because there’s so much about the militarization of our economy, which basically grabbed hold during World War II (or was it World War I?) and never let up, that we aren’t aware of, including for example, how the military, in one way or another, funds much of higher education through “grants.” See last post, for David Stockman’s extremely detailed analysis.  

Once in a while I listen to psychic predictions. Usually I don’t take them seriously, any more than I take anyone’s predictions seriously, needing more than one source before I’ll even begin to buy any of their wilder claims. Three psychics I currently, and sporadically, follow: Magenta Pixie, Utsava, and Kryon.

Check out Utsava’s latest predictions. Wild! Especially her views of Bush Jr., JFK Jr., and all the doubles running around of those she claims have already been executed.

But what I want to focus on here is Kryon’s latest. BTW: Kryon has been going for  decades, since shortly after Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  Always a pleasure to listen to him.

This particular message speaks directly to his view of our extraordinary human capacity, once we let go of killing each other.

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