Kryon, on the channeler, Lee Carroll: “In the few moments that he is in this altered multidimensional state, he is infused not just with information, but with life force.”

YES! YES! That is exactly the message I keep getting this year: open to the life force, open, open.

BTW: Excuse the disjointedness of this post. My mental joints are excitedly dissing . . .

2013 — A Difficult Year — A Message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

August 8, 2013

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. In this moment, in this room, it would appear that there is a switch or a change in energy. Those who would sit and listen may not be aware of the profundity of what has happened to my partner, corporally, in order to channel. In this moment, all of the cells in his body recognize the state he is in and they have suspended all unnecessary corporeal processes.

They have suspended the aging, digestion, and even pain. They have suspended all of these things so that they can be listening and be ready for the energy of the pineal. It is opening with as few filters as possible, and this will allow the voice that they know is in them to come through. The voice is the one from home. That’s what happening.


Lee Carroll, who has written 12 Kryon books — so far!

Lee Carroll, who has written 12 Kryon books — so far!

A.K.: I remember reading Lee Carroll’s first Kryon book, back in 1993. I loved this channel from the very beginning, and still do. Here’s Lee talking about his experience when he began to channel:

In Kryon Book One (1993), Kryon outlined where eight other Kryon channels were in the world. Many have written from these other nations and asked, “Where is our Kryon channel?” I started asking Kryon (while in my shower), “Where are the other Kryon channels?” The answer I got surprised me and made me laugh. Kryon said (while I was holding my soap on a rope), “You make a bad human assumption that they are all adults! The timing for each culture is specific.” So this means that some of them are children, scheduled to reveal a message as the planet gets closer to 2012 (more about 2012 later).

I asked Kryon if there would be time to give the messages when these children grew up. He informed me that all the world isn’t as dense as our culture! (Thanks, Kryon.) I think, with all love and soapiness, I was gently insulted. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Through all of this, I still remain the reluctant and doubting channel — the guy who keeps asking for more validations and reality checks about the work. This has indeed kept me balanced and grounded . . .


A.K. again: Here’s another excerpt, in this case, the first part of Kryon’s long message about the “difficult energies” of 2013 —

(Hey wait a minute! Here I want to say “Hey folks, suck it up! Why do you need anyone, even an otherworldly being, to hold your hand? You chose this incarnation because of what you personally, as a soul in this body at this critical time on planet Earth, CAN bring to this process of collective evolution . . .)

— is a wonderful perspective on the learning process for Lee Carroll, in becoming a channel for this otherworldly energy.

Kryon again:

So there is a cooperative energy here and it’s new, for in an older energy if you talked to some who would go into a trance back then, they would come out of it and tell you it was an exhausting experience. They might say, “This has sapped me of energy! I’m tired.” However, when my partner is finished with the channelling, he might dance! (if he knew how). Indeed, the energy is great and grand and he is not tired at the end.

This is because in the few moments that he is in this altered multi-dimensional state, he is infused not just with information, but with life force. He’s in a state that most Human Beings do not allow themselves to be in. It’s a state that is completely and totally open to the energy of the “God part” of the Human Being. In this state, there’s healing and an allowance of change. So I’m giving you information that is far more personal than just messages from the other side of the veil. It talks to the God part of you! It’s interactive.

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