Just Why is (today’s) Wheat So Toxic?

While enjoying the lentil burger with gluten-free bun that my young podmate Leah had graciously made for me, our little two-house ecovillage pod was discussing the toxicity of wheat during the evening meal. Leah, a graduate student in environmental science, says she’s researched the science, and concludes that GMO isn’t bad for you; her objection is to the fact that GMO plays into Monsanto’s campaign to own seeds. Meanwhile, we all wonder why gluten seems to be the problem now, whereas before it wasn’t; nor is it now in at least some countries outside the U.S. Then, last night, I came upon this article. Outrageous.

Crops Are Drenched with Round-Up Pesticide Right Before Harvest

And, just in case you didn’t get it the first time, here’s another one on the same subject, that goes into more detail.

The Real Reason Wheat Is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)

Whatever it is or isn’t, all I know is that when I stopped consuming wheat and wheat products back in 2001 my life changed. No more colds. No more mucusy gunk. Feel lighter, freer, way more alive.

So, though the photo below may make your mouth water, and while it may conjure memories of grandma’s plump dappled arms kneading daily loaves of dappled bread, think twice before consuming.





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