Just where — and who — are our “better angels”?

There are days when all I can do is try to catch up. Forget the present moment, I’m just trying to get there!

Yesterday I learned that the new UDO (Unified Development Ordinance), if it goes through as planned (and the mayor wants it, appears to hunger for Bloomington to “grow” by any means possible. Why? What’s that about?), will make it possible for developers to buy and then tear down houses in core neighborhoods like ours and build two, three or four units on the same lot, and then, just like they did in the downtown district, rent the units to wealthy students at “market rates.”

Aha! No wonder I’ve already received “cash offer, as is” from three different sources, for two of the homes in our tiny greenacresvillage.org.

Two days ago I emailed a dear friend of mine who had invited me to a birthday lunch way back in December (I was out of town), and though I had been thinking of her through the ensuing months, had not contacted her until then when I saw her husband talking to someone as I passed by on the street. This morning he called to say she had been involved in a near fatal car accident last Wednesday, the 17th. She’s now in the ICU, for the second time. Broke the second vertebra of her neck in the accident. Was allowed to go home at Easter, but had to go back yesterday when her sodium levels dropped to dangerous levels.

This morning, on the phone with my ex-daughter-in-law (and dear friend), I discover that one of my grandkids is facing current challenges that will force/free him to grow up very fast.

There’s more, much more, but, as I said, I haven’t begun to even catch up.

At the Farmer’s Market this morning, I take a flyer for an event, in early May, that will supposedly bring together Red and Blue polarized folks into a day of conversation. Will I participate in this event? Perhaps. But my spidey senses are on such high alert right now that of course I wonder if there’s a hidden agenda to this organization. Glancing at their website, I see it is a non-profit, seeking funds from both left-leaning and right-leaning foundations, as well as individual memberships. Though this organization has correctly identified the problem, its solutions feel very top-down; frankly, I doubt top-down solutions will ever get us where we want to go.

What do you think? Are you familiar with any of the founders or board members?  Comments appreciated!


Meanwhile, I will spend this afternoon canvassing Green Acres Neighborhood  for our incumbent City Council representative who is against this current UDO development grab.

P.S. Just talked on the phone with my friend, still in ICU. She said that during the accident (a tractor trailer sideswiped her left side) she was fully present, with time slowed way down. Thank goodness, a witness saw the entire thing. The skid marks were all in his lane. And, she said, she has had a fantastic dream, but wants to tell me in person. I will visit her Monday.

I’d say my friend is in touch with her better angels. And they are highly local, specific to her soul.




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2 Responses to Just where — and who — are our “better angels”?

  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances says:

    My belief is that there are two “rules” (I hate that word, there must be a better one) to live by. They are: Be Authentic – and Be Nonviolent.

    I can subscribe to groups where “both sides” are trying to talk and listen. I can’t and won’t ever be a part of any communication style that is violent. That, to me, means don’t be mean. Don’t be cruel. Be kind. Be patient. Listen with compassion.

    I can sit down with someone with different views from mine. What I can’t do is is participate in any form of violence. Top-down structuring may be a form of violence, because it does not represent people speaking for themselves. I am suspicious of that.

    But kudos to people for trying. At least it’s something, and I applaud the efforts. Hopefully, the right spirit will prevail, regardless of different opinions and regardless of outcome. The process itself is in jeopardy from the get-go unless everyone participating is dedicated to peaceful communication. Being mean, expressing anger destructively, raging, yelling – those things will short-circuit any progress. I don’t blame you, Ann, for being suspicious/cautious. Your spider senses are right on.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I imagine all the individuals involved are well-intentioned and highly motivated. But why put a worthy local conversation inside a national structure of any kind? It reminds me of the Transition movement, which I participated in, here. Turns out its parameters just didn’t jive with the living organism that is Bloomington.

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