July 4th message Putin to Obama echoes U.S./Russian citizen conversations

C∆PO Leap

Image: solarnation.wordpress.com. “What can be gradual about a leap across the divide?”

This post seems to have been carried by most the major news media, though I haven’t taken the time to see how it has been “spun.”

Judy 4th Message from Putin to Obama: Let’s Have Better Ties

And the spin is what twists our minds into demonizing Russia. Don’t forget that the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Deep State that craves the buried resources of that enormous, nearly pristine Russian landmass so bad! And that hates Putin so much for rejecting the NWO! The nerve!

Meanwhile, check out this interesting compilation of conversations held by one of the participants during a recent citizen’s initiative trip to Russia.

Russians Ask: Why do you hate us so much when we’re so much like you?



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