July 4, 2021. What? No parade?

This is the second year in a row that the traditional 4th of July parade through downtown Bloomington has apparently gone missing. The first time was last year, cue Covid. But this year?

Searching searching searching . . .


Guess I missed it. Not sorry.

My presence, parading with my gigantic corporate U.S. flag, had been a constant for many years. Each year, I’d ask a different person to hold the other end of it, as we marched proudly(?) through town, with most onlookers not noticing the subversion, but those few who did suddenly clapping or grinning or both.


By the time of the 2019 parade, however, participating, for me, felt more and more like pretending. Not due to the message of what I was carrying — that corporations have coopted the U.S. Gov was (and is) still true — but to my deliberate avoidance of conversations with fellow marchers. Here’s why.

Post-4th of July: Check out one person’s gradual red-pill dawning

And now, not even 24 hours past President Trump’s latest rally, in Sarasota Florida, which drew massive crowds, echoing his recent Ohio rally, sane people are still thinking pathetic Buy-den is President?

Truly, we are in the twilight zone, an interregnum of unknown length. First January 20th passed, then April 1, then June, and now July. Some think Trump will return in August; others say November. Who to be-LIE-ve? I’d say no one.

And stop expecting a savior. Just trust my own heart. Keep on doing my own small part to forge a new, massively de-centralized world that works for everyone.

Oh yes, and above all, be kind, to everyone, no matter what. As a dear friend of mine reminded me once, “Just remember Ann, everybody’s having a really hard time.”

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