JULY 4, 2021: Fireworks, explosions, and illuminations — RELEASING ENERGY!

Have you noticed that, besides the usual 4th of July fireworks, we are also treated to explosions and other fires, around the globe —

— with two fires exploding from under the sea?

(I see that the “mud volcano” theory is now discounted. No mud volcanoes in the area, though they say it could have been a ship.)

And remember last week’s record-setting temps in the northwest and western Canada.

Now of course, it IS summer, so heat waves though extreme now, are at least “normal” for the season.

Meanwhile, things are decidedly “heating up” re: the election fraud and Trump’s possible triumphant return. Plus, there’s the how and why of the Covid vax, and how that fits into the election fraud mix. Here are two dovetailing perspectives on this slowly unrolling drama, what Juan O Savin has long called Casino Royale for the whole world. Both perspectives are well worth absorbing through to the end. First: Juan in a 17 minute video with his voice speeded up in places and other contributors.


Next, a long thread that I found fascinating.

Possible backstory: G. Edward Griffin . . .

Finally, two new stories that are bound to blow things up further. You can bet that neither the soldiers, nor the parents are going to meekly submit to these top-down mandates.

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