Julian Rose, on Israel and Palestine: Is healing possible?

Perhaps. If a conversation that then young Julian Rose held with a wise Tel Aviv elder decades ago can be picked up now, twirled into vibrant aliveness, and spread into the multiverse.

“He said that the word Israel, in the original Hebrew, means ‘to strive with God’ and that this has been covered-up by the extreme right wing Zionist element, who insist that Israel is the name of the country that had been Palestine up until the 1918 Balfour Declaration created the ‘two state’ position that – on paper – remains the reality today.”

BTW: It’s not just these two territories, and the people who inhabit them, that are at odds. Not just Israel is “at fault.” Which nation has not founded itself upon the blood of others? How can we heal our multiple divisions without seeking to blame?

Might it be that we all, wherever we dwell, live also in “Israel,” in this word’s original Hebrew meaning of a spiritual mission, rather than a material place.

Inadmissable Crimes Against Humanity — The Division at the Heart of the Israel/Palestine Conflict 


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