JUAN O SAVIN does it again. Thank you!

While I still pay attention to just about every interview of Juan O Savin, this is the first one in a long time where I really needed to pay attention. So much of what he has to say is recycled many places, which is great, but not so good for anyone who wants to get the “most bang for the buck.” Hmmm . . . Odd metaphor. But not odd; one of the reminders, for me, of the linguistic underpinings/overlay of this still, unfortunately, predatory culture.

Which reminds me, a front page story in today’s local paper, “Teens report being attacked at party,” spoke of four teenagers, two boys who were friends, and two younger girls (one of them a sister of the driver) in the back seat, who drove an hour away to a rural party where none of them knew anybody, arriving after 11:00 PM. (I know. FOOLISH! What were they thinking!)

The party was supposed to be teenage, but adults also in attendance, plus booze and marijuana. Shortly after their arrival, the teen who drove there ducked into the bushes to urinate, when he was assaulted by two teens who, he says, hurled racist epithets as they proceeded to smack his face so hard the bones broke and his eye is still swollen.

Luckily, the four teens were then able to escape the gathering, with others looking on and smacking the car as they left.

Key fact: the assaulted teen is white, the friend who came with him is black.

Yes, this does seem to put a racist label on the NARRATIVE. But with an unusual spin: some white and black teens are close friends!

Another key fact: there were  Trump signs and confederate flags in the yard.

You can imagine the NARRATIVE spun out of that.

And another: although the mom of the teen who was assaulted called the police at 1:43 AM, and they said they would send officers out to the party, the next morning she discovered they did not.

Another NARRATIVE here . . .

And one final key fact: It turns out that the teen who was assaulted, had just that day come off a 10-day quarantine, having tested “positive” for CV-19.

Yep, one more NARRATIVE.

And yep, which is why the police now say they didn’t send officers out there.

Question: do the police have access to “covid test records”? And do they routinely check them before deciding whether or not to be physically present when requested for good reason?

But never mind. I’m not an investigative reporter. I’m just a 78-year old wide awake human female attempting to absorb the changing peripheral details of my (now cataract-corrected) vision as I continue to expand perspective while remaining, hopefully, centered and detached from the emotional storms that I do often feel boiling up within me, in response to the narratives I — automatically? — dream up to explain/justify/judge the changing peripheral details.

And yes, sometimes, I do have — quite obvious, one would think! — questions.

In any case, see how the above narratives, five in all, each currently hot, dragging in their own special poisonous charges to the collective unconscious soup/swamp, and about any of which we all likely have an opinion that is likely totally polarized to those of some of our family, friends, and neighbors, an opinion which we could all comment on profusely as to our “reasons” why — see how all this was present in a single local encounter and its aftermath that I read about in today’s local paper? WOW. Now multiply that complexity by the zillions in every direction for every single person who has their own “point of view” (their own point from which they are viewing).

Which, frankly, is why I really appreciate Juan O Savin, his singular and deeply engaging way of telling stories. Each time he does, he makes sense of “what is happening” in a way that likely never occurred to me, due to his elaborate, seemingly deeply sourced and immensely informative contextual backstories that, I suspect, contain intel to which other commentators and cultural influencers are simply not privy. Grateful.

This is a long one, over two hours. I picked up most of it during the night, waking up again and again to absorb more .  .  . Well worth your time, though the increasingly gravelly nature of his voice is worrisome as well as difficult to hear. (I keep wanting him to “clear his throat!”) Reminds me, in that way, of the errant vocal chords of the also immensely informative Robert F. Kennedy.

Nicholas Veniamin: New Interview with Juan O Savin


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2 Responses to JUAN O SAVIN does it again. Thank you!

  1. Hello; I am very hard of hearing; there are rarely closed captions on these informative
    videos. Would you mind telling me what Juan said about vaccinated people causing
    the uncontaminated people to get sick? I would appreciate it. I understand about the chip and frequency and how everything (including illness) is a frequency and does the
    chip in their arms affect us.
    Thank you,
    JoAnne Decker

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I don’t recall him discussing this subject in last night’s video. I know he’s talked about the covid drama in other videos, but don’t recall him saying anything about the vaxxed shedding the virus — or, for that matter, the “spike proteins.” Oops, or the chip and frequency. I do think there’s fear porn mixed in with this stuff, which is what “they” want, of course. And look into the idea of pine tea for the so-called spike proteins.

      Re: the chip and frequency. It may be that the best remedy is to keep one’s own frequency high enough not to be affected by the chip’s frequency. And of course FEAR causes one’s frequency to plummet into dread.

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