Jordan Sather’s perspective on yesterday’s long awaited “Pentagon UFO Disclosure”

Given all the massively significant falderal re: the Arizona forensic audit, as first domino of the fraudulent 2020 election takedown; the “deadman’s switch” of John McAfee, the latest jailed “suicide,” releasing 31 trillion terrabytes of incriminating info; Nancy Pelosi’s involvement in the January 6th “insurrection” false flag; and the massive ongoing testimony of medical and other experts on the dangers of the vax, including possible genocide, geez! I almost forgot about the likely planned distraction to any or all of the above called “UFO Disclosure.”

Yep. I guess it happened yesterday, June 25, right when “they” said it would, and wouldn’t you know, these three all featured an image of the ridiculous tik tok incident . . .


I decided to check up on Jordan Sather’s telegram account re: this UFO topic, since he seems to have developed an unusual nose for possible fakery over the last year or so, including, but not exclusively re: the UFO topic.

For example:

So, then, at 8:55 AM yesterday, June 25 . . .



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2 Responses to Jordan Sather’s perspective on yesterday’s long awaited “Pentagon UFO Disclosure”

  1. rose day says:

    Jordan Sather makes excellent points and there are likely many on Planet Earth who are NOT looking for verification of extra-terrestrial life from governmental policy wonks.

    A recent run of a past John McAfee interview wherein he references a Bureaucracy of information purveyors . . . governmental employees who actually create the narratives (true or not) and are in the ‘game ‘ for life as they CANNOT be fired.

    It appears that Jordan is in good company.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, they are unelected and can’t be fired. That’s the SES, Senior Executive Service, providing
      “continuity of government.”That’s I think the excuse for why it was created in the first place, not sure when. After Kennedy was shot? And McAfee thinks that the president cannot revoke the SES. I wonder if he’s correct, or if this is the reason he was suicided, if indeed he was, or else spirited away by either black hats or white hats, to some unknown location, etc. etc. etc. The movie never ends, eh?

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