John Taylor Maxwell: how to “bring an energy of higher consciousness into a situation where the vibration is kind of dense”

I listened to this entire 32 minute Lilou Mace production while lying in bed this morning and am VERY glad I did. John Taylor Maxwell articulates the actual lived experience of expanding consciousness, as it is felt within the body. Extremely valuable information for anyone who desires to bring him or herself back into the present moment, over and over again.

It’s not that hard. We just have to remember to stay incorporated! And of course, there’s a paradox involved: for the more deeply we embody awareness, the less do we feel confined within the body. The body’s contours dissolve into an energetic field which itself expands with the refinement of our frequency. That’s not the way he puts it; it’s the way I put it. I like his way of talking better. It’s seldom that I listen closely, so that I can really absorb and integrate a teaching into my body/mind.

I also love his references to Gurdjieff and self-remembering, and the distinction between persona and essence, all of which have been feeding my soul since I was in my 20s and Gurdjieff fell out of a book shelf one day when, as a frazzled young mother and graduate student, I was walking the stroller with my two children through the aisles of a fusty bookstore in Harvard Square, Cambridge Massachusetts.

Thanks to americankabuki for the pointer.

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