John Taylor Gatto and Max Igan: Long and short courses in historical awareness

I’ve now watched the first of five one-hour videos that feature a week-end interview with John Taylor Gatto.

The Ultimate History Lesson. Well worth my time.

A former teacher, Gatto focuses on the difference between “schooling” (as in schools of fish, indistinguishable from one another) and genuine education, which is utterly individual. Rather than forcing people to memorize and then regurgitate isolated “facts,” from pre-programmed curricula that will be immediately forgotten while the entire program teaches compliance and obedience, the teacher is more like a midwife, assisting each precious child to uncover (educare: to bring up) his own natural expression and talent, what drives the utter uniqueness of him or her. (See also the Ubunto post.)

And Gatto delves into how the class system promulgated in western philosophy as self-evident (including views of Plato, Spinoza and Fichte) prefigures and justifies compulsory “schooling”, which dumbs us down by deliberate design. Plus just in this first hour I’ve learned something completely new to me: the “Orphan Trains,” supposedly a 19th century welfare program for poor and orphaned children, but actually a deliberate scheme to separate poor immigrant kids from their parents and ship them west for adoption. That way both parents could be conscripted to east coast mills and factories for slave-wages.

If you need a shorter course on how the system of debt-slavery works, and how we can free ourselves, watch this tightly packed film by Max Igan, put up on youtube about a year ago. Since then the global awareness that he speaks of has exploded.

P.S. Don’t get discouraged at the enormity of what Igan presents. The part about freeing ourselves starts at about minute 14.

“The world is not overpopulated. It’s just badly managed.”

“Now is the time for the people of the world to take care of each other, and not the system.”

“We are many, and they are few.”

“It is a time for the people of the world to approach each other in a state of love, not a state of fear.”

“The best form of non-compliance is love. Approach every situation with love.”

Thanks to for the pointer.

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