John Kettler: "Things are NOT looking good for the NWO (New World Order)"

What follows is an example of a John Kettler post. Do read the previous post first, where I excerpt from and comment on Kerry Cassidy’s three hour interview with Kettler a few days ago. Reading that post first will help to make sense of this post, which is very compressed in meaning. Not sure whether to take Kettler seriously, since his info is so extraordinarily outlandish. But his background does seem to lend credence to both what he’s saying, and how he gets some of his information.

On the other hand, Kettler may be “crazy” — in the sense that only he knows the “truth” of what he’s saying. Sanity, by definition, is social: agreement by common consent. I.e., if you know that at least one other person sees the world in the same way you do, then you know you’re not “crazy.” And/or, he may well be crazy, as he says the government is trying to insinuate — at least in that limited sense that now, but not for long, he is “crazy” — until more and more people link up off- and on-world sources the way he claims to be doing.

And yet, and yet. . . If he’s “crazy,” Kettler says, then why would government agencies closely track his blog? (Or do they? He says so, but do they?) And why would insider whistleblowers use his blog to get the truth out? (But who are they? He’s not saying.) Once again, we’re sliding down the proverbial rabbit hole. Remember, we don’t have to “believe” everything — or even anything! Much more “sane,” to my mind, is to center within and breathe, allowing the swirl of the ongoing present moment, no matter how shocking, without attachment to either beliefs or results. It’s good practice for whatever comes next.

As an old Native American Indian saying puts it: Show up. Pay attention. Speak your truth. Don’t get attached to results.

NWO Update–The Sky IS Falling!

February 15, 2012

by John Kettler

end the nwo now 300x300 NWO Update  The Sky IS Falling!NWO Doomed! Image Credit: nixseraph via (Fair Use)

NWO Under Attack On All Levels!

Things are NOT looking good for the NWO (New World Order), and that’s true in a variety of ways. A stupendous lawsuit has been brought against it by 122 nations, and good people are being murdered in consequence, but the suit goes forward regardless. Similarly, the NWO‘s U.S. economic arm, the Federal Reserve System, is being sued on a bunch of fronts, to include this successful one by Bloomberg, which revealed illegal loans totaling as much as 1.2 trillion of our money! These, though, are the least of its problems.

NWO, ETs/EDs, Timelines & Dimensional Shifts

Things would be a lot worse for the NWO had “higher order” problems not interfered with the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) here to liberate Earth. These have repeatedly created situations in which strikes are executed on NWO facilities and NWO equipment, are reported back for terrestrial confirmation, yet nothing’s found to have happened, causing consternation, perplexity and upsets on both ends.

Conducting anti NWO military operations from higher dimensions into our reality is NOT easy and generates all sorts of head splitting problems. For example, in which timeline was the NWO target struck? Is the NWO threat being seen and reported by the ETs/EDs there now, or are they seeing the future? When will the strike externalize here? Things get even more complicated when an ally arrives and winds up learning this stuff the hard way. Fortunately, meetings have been held, the problems sorted out, and things are now happening. Last night, a Navy aircraft flying out of Pensacola reported seeing a “bright flash” to the south. What lies to the south? Venezuela! Does this, perhaps, mean that “something bad” has happened to those Masudan Mod 1 IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) this blog previously reported? Sure hope so, considering that updated intelligence revealed the presence of 20 fully loaded TELs (Transporter Erector Launcher), not 10, each with a spare, fully fueled missile, for a total of 40, doubling the NWO missile threat to most of the contiguous U.S.!

NWO To Receive “Condign Punishment,” But Human Casualties To Be Limited

The ETs/EDs are deliberately following a policy of surgical strike, wherever possible, in an effort to minimize the loss of “innocent human lives.” If, though, you happen to be, say, in an NWO biowarfare facility in North Korea or NWO Israel’s underground nuclear weapon assembly plant below the Dimona Reactor when the ETs/EDs strike from above in several meanings of that term, then it’s just not your day! You’ll be dead, one way or another. The ETs/EDs have the ability to do things like kill loaded TELs, but without harming the troops ringed around them. NWO clones in lots of different sectors will start breaking down following repeated strikes on their support facilities. The breakdown of cloned NWO public figures should prove quite a shock to the public, which thinks of such matters only in terms of science fiction.

NWO–The Shape Of Things To Come

NWO, it’s time to face facts–you don’t get to start World War III in the Persian Gulf. No NWO operation is going to be allowed to attack Iran. Every such attempt to do so will fail. NWO Iran won’t be allowed to start World War III, either, for every move will be countered, and Iran is being further defanged, for soon her submarines will be gone, likewise Israel’s. This will dramatically drop the “temperature” in the Persian Gulf, by eliminating opportunities for clashes to occur, but dangers remain. NWO Iranian speedboats loaded with explosives and contact fuzed for kamikaze attack on the tankers have switched from scary last minute breakaway dry runs to the real deal. Disaster was narrowly averted when the tanker captain firewalled his throttles, creating a bow wave which capsized his would-be killer. The U.S. Navy is now arming tankers transiting the Gulf, apparently with machine gun (and possibly grenade launcher) equipped teams. Iran has yet to receive chastisement for causing the present missile crisis, but the ETs/EDs haven’t forgotten and are really quite irritated over the matter.

While the U.S. is showing unprecedented restraint, NWO Israel remains like a rabid dog. It’s still fully mobilized, at huge expense, and is expected to strike. It had better not! Aircraft could find themselves pancaking into invisible walls, equipment could be made to permanently fail, and, if they feel like it, the ETs/EDs have the means to instantly destroy Israel’s entire manufacturing base, which is considerable, driving that nation back to what it was like in the beginning. The NWO’s “China Gambit” against the U.S. has been revealed by the ETs/EDs, and the hunt is on for the proof, despite super advanced screening technology the NWO Chinese reportedly got from one or more ET/ED groups working with them! The NWO Chinese would do well to consider that the U.S. and Canada are bound by mutual defense pacts and that, since they were NOT invited into Canada, they are in every sense aggressors, subject to everything that status entails! The situation with Mexico remains murkier, but the U.S. has the right to self-defense and will use it. It may be the Year of the Dragon and considered auspicious, but NWO China could easily find herself in a disastrous, exposed position, from which there is no face saving exit. If the NWO Chinese attack the U.S., then they also win the “death from above and beyond” sweepstakes–the ETs/EDs!

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  1. Mike V. says:

    Fascinating stuff, aye?
    Kettler’s blog is certainly enjoyable to read. I’ve been following his posts since he brought his site online.
    But there’s no way for us ordinary humans to verify his information, at least not yet, so I keep my BS detector up and running when I read his posts.
    Mike V.

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