John Kettler: intuitive intermediary who links extraterrestrial and terrestrial intel?

Update: After reading this, check out the next post, which is from his blog.

A reader pointed me to the blog a few days ago, and the posts he puts up are intensely interesting and provocative. You might want to check him out. But I didn’t want to repost anything that incendiary until I had some idea who this man was, and how he gets the intel he seems to have, which, as Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot said in the interview she just did with him, “is unlike that on any other site.” It’s especially interesting to me that Kettle just started his blog in November of 2011, and by January, 2012, he started to receive off-world contact with two different races; at this point the blog, though its audience is still tiny, is already receiving intense interest from the “alphabet agencies.” Why?

So I was very glad Kerry Cassidy decided to interview him, and I have just spent three hours listening to that audio broadcast. The info I was looking for — “Just who is John Kettler?” — came at the beginning.

Most important, to situate him among whistleblowers: John Kettle claims to be working with both extraterrestrial and terrestrial sources, plus he says he is an intuitive:

ET/ED (extra dimensional) sources: Two different species, and they are very task focused: to prevent war in the Persian Gulf and to deal with the ongoing galloping and ongoing crises like cleaning up radiation from Fukushima.

Terrestrial sources, insiders from aerospace and government sources, way above “top secret.” But why? Why did they choose him to speak to? To answer this question, Kerry first asked Kettle to tell us about his background. Here it is, from my notes:

Son of a defense engineer who spent 40 years in aerodefense for regular defense industry and for intel community. . . grew up in a house full of books on covert ops, military history, technology. Tried to get into one of the service academies, but eyesight bad. Worked for a financial printer, and one of the think tanks was one of the customers. I knew how to approach them, but I didn’t have a college degree at the time. My father had me writing white papers, he worked for Hughes Aircraft. My own background, plus war-gaming from age 12, got me in through the back door. Spent eleven years at Hughes Aircraft, working on every tactical missile system the company had. My job was to prevent technological surprise. Wound up with Rockwell, working on op readiness and supportability for fighter program that produced the F22. Job was air crew protection from different types of weapons. Left in 1989, because the stress was tearing me up. Disfunctional environment, plus some of the people were real warmongers.

So that’s the overview of my military/aerospace career.

The government really started to dislike me because I came out of the military/aerospace environment of the government, and then turned around and used the info I got against the government.

Earth sensitive and an empath: to earthquakes, train accidents, social unrest (experience a lot of sadness that is not my own).

Trained in Silva Mind Control (as an applied psychic).

Go to minute 27, to learn of how his off-world connection began.

In this three hour audio show, he talked about several events/situations, all current, including:

• Disappearing alien spacecraft from various black ops sites, including Area 51 and Wright Patterson

• What happened to an Israeli submarine in the Arabian Gulf

• San Onofre Nuclear Plant and a German (?) off-shore submarine

• Volatile situation in Persian Gulf

• A new “Cuban missile crisis” that we don’t know about: 40 dirty bomb ballistic missiles from Iran (bought from North Korea) in Venezuela on 20 launchers and targeted at the continental U.S.

• On the death of Osama Bin Laden: Kettler says it was real. Team Seal 6 is called “The Jedi.” From my notes:

Seals don’t like to be used for political purposes. That’s not what they’re about. They’re there to get the job done and have nobody know who had been there. Joe Biden compromised them. They were taken out because in their view the president sabotaged the mission at the last minute. [Took out some of the assets that would have better protected them.] The Seals felt betrayed by their commander in chief.

[A.K. Hearing him say “Seals don’t like to be used for political purposes” reminds me of Ed Asner’s recent remarks on Seals talking about a false flag incident in the Gulf to be blamed on Iran.]

His view: that’s why Seal Team Six was taken out in a helicopter “accident” only weeks later. Not, as many of us think, because they knew they had the wrong man, but because they could have made the President look bad.

A few more questions/answers from my notes (there’s lots more, if you want to devote three hours):

Camelot: Bill Wood?

In the case of Bill Wood, my personal jury is out; I talk to my contacts, and there is no Seal Team 9, nor of such Tomahawk operations.

Camelot: One of his trainers has now come forward and stated unequivocally that he did train him.

His unwillingness to release his BUDS(?) class number? That is unclassified. He should have been willing to give you that. That is suspicious.

Camelot: You are interacting with two sides of the equation: off-worlders who are intervening in human affairs, and terrestrial intel that is triangulated from three different sources. On top of it, you are an intuitive. Any particular info beyond what we’ve covered here?

People should be aware that the ETs/EDs have said they are going to take apart the NWO. They are determined to extirpate it from the planet. They are going to seek to limit to the greatest extent possible, any loss of human life, but they are going to make their presence felt. They’ve already done that in a bunch of ways [the recent disappearance of all the craft], and that’s just a warm-up act. Things are going to start happening that the government will not be able to deny or cover-up There are going to be public demonstrations that will boggle the mind. They may not show you ships, but things may get moved around. Things may disappear.

My understanding is that there is a force field around the earth that is deliberately being used to prevent major destruction occurring. Which means that we are being constantly stressed by the weight of this pressure. [No gigantic earthquake or volcanic activity, for example, to release the pressure.] The magnetic pole is moving at a faster rate than the government is willing to admit — 40 miles a year now. The earth has lost so much ice melting that it’s shape is changing to more closely resemble a sphere. The numbers on airport runways are changing. The amount of seismic activity has more than doubled in the last ten years. Incredible natural disasters, plus HAARP engineered disasters. The word has been passed that anything HAARP does to do evil, they are going to remove that particular installation. It will be a smoking hole in the ground. There are lots of these installations. Russia’s got something like 20, alone.

Camelot: Anything else?

There are shoot-on-sight orders against reptoids and greys. Just last week, I heard that an incoming reptoid ship was dealt with, destroyed before it could get to earth. One ship was leaving earth and destroyed as it hit the atmosphere. Another one had come in through a stargaze and destroyed near Saturn.

Camelot: in terms of exopolitics, stating something like this is an aggressive statement.

The greys, the ETs/EDs say “they are parasites.” Some of the ETs and EDs have intimate knowledge of how the greys and reptoids operate. We are talking about civilizations that have been around for tens of millions of years, by human standards, immortal. Technologies that make our black program technologies look like tinker toys. I’ve indicated in my last past that Israel is facing being de-industrialized in about a second if it doesn’t behave. They have an ability to destroy even the machine tools.

Camelot: When you first came out the gate you weren’t going in this direction. Since January, your focus has been, because of your unique position and background in the defense industry, you can talk the talk, and you understand the logistics in terms of nuts and bolts, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve had discussions about future events. Is that because you’ve only been focusing on the ground?

Yes, preventing war and other ongoing crises. There is a race of scientists involved with other things. And other off-world beings with different tasks. Gets into things like time-lines, dimensional shifts, fluxes in energy shifts, different conceptions of time. They all got together to get things happening, like the gun boats disappeared. Contingent two was having major problems where it was reporting that XYZ had been done, and I’d check with terrestrials, and no, hadn’t been done. The results weren’t occurring. How do you fight from several dimensions up and get it to express in third plane reality? So the race of scientists was brought in.

Camelot: timelines?

Through a personal connection, who has described things that make my head explode. Timelines of all kinds, cross each other, intervene with each other, etc.

Camelot: military manipulating timelines?

It’s been privately confirmed that the Looking Glass technology is real. And some basic info has been supplied on that, but nothing in depth.

The basic rule is evolve or die. That is the choice that’s given to every being. The groups that I work with do not want to kill humans. They will if they have to. But they prefer to avert human loss by issuing warnings and getting people to modify their behavior wherever possible. Sometimes they’ll issue several. But if you don’t listen, then the hammer comes down.

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  1. Susan McElroy says:

    …”they prefer to avert human loss by issuing warnings and getting people to modify their behavior wherever possible.”

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