Joan Bird reports: her upcoming trip to Marcahuasi, Peru

In the early ’90s I camped for nearly a week with a group of women at Marcahuasi, a high high Andean plateau full of gigantic rocks that look like faces. It truly was a remarkable place, though I didn’t get a strong feeling that the rocks were carved.
It reminds me of the Grand Canyon: the deeper in the canyon we descended on a three-week raft trip in 1990, the more faces I tended to see in the canyon walls. I think my right brain just took over, and in the absence of modern technological distractions, started to “dream up” patterns.
Are they “real,” we ask? I.e., are they in the walls themselves, or “just” in my mind. Well, that’s a question that we ask in our 3D world structured into duality so that there’s always an “inside” and and “outside,” then the problem becomes one of matching them up. We are secretly afraid that if they don’t match, then we will suffer as lonely solipsists, locked forever inside the prison of our minds!
Can you imagine a question like this ever being posed by aboriginal peoples? For example, the people who inhabit the high Andean village one mile below the Marcahuasi plateau. They speak of ET visitors as easily as they speak of their neighbors next door. Of course they are real. Are not all of us real and alive? Is not the earth, Pachamama alive, and in “permanent balance, harmony, and communication with the cosmos”? — A.K.
I am preparing for a trip to Peru and Argentina. I was interested in following the footsteps, this time, of George Hunt Williamson, who visited Peru in l957. One of the places he explored was the Marcahuasi Plateau, known as the Altar of the Gods. While only 70 km from Lima, it is over 12,000 feet, and famous for its giant rock formations. There is disagreement over whether these formations are completely natural, or whether they may have enhanced by an ancient, and possibly extraterrestrial culture. There are many sightings of UFOs and strange paranormal things that happen here. 

In thinking about visiting Markawasi, I contacted a woman named Kathy Doore with a website by that name, who leads expeditions there and has written a book about this place. She suggested that I read the book The Invitation by a man named Sixto Paz Wells. Sixto is one of a group of Peruvians who as teenagers started to receive extraterrestrial communications by psychography (automatic writing) and telepathy in l974.These communications were affirmed by sightings of spacecraft at appointed time and places in the Lima area, including Markawasi. They were invited to be part of an extraterrestrial project called the Rama Project to form a bridge between ETs and humans, and to raise the consciousness of humans and spread teachings of greater love and forgiveness. As I was reading the book, I realized how similar the story was to what we heard from Luis Fernando Mostajo when we did a retreat with him in Bolivia. The Rama Foundation has a website (all in Spanish, but google translate is very helpful) which includes Luis’s books as well as over a dozen by Sixto and several other authors/contactees.

What amazes me is that this has been going on for a very long time down there. The communications are similar in many ways to those received by the early contactees in the U.S. in the 50’s, which were so thoroughly squelched, as well as the Amicizia cases in Italy, and the Batallanos Brothers in Argentina. So while there are sightings and scary stories of spacecraft and ETs from around the world, there are also these long term contact cases that are somewhat corroborative, especially regarding the existence of the Brotherhood of Light, or Great White Brotherhood.

Today I went looking for videos of Sixto Paz Wells, and after a little searching was able to find an English translation series of some of Sixto’s recent lectures on what he has learned from his 37 years of ongoing contact. Here is the link, if you want to listen to this series called “The Cosmic Plan” and get a firsthand impression of Sixto. I found his book fascinating and compelling. Some of his story from the book is reiterated in this video series, as well as discussions of crop circles, anciet ET colonization, genetic manipulation, the Sumerians, the Atlanteans, the Egyptians and Jesus. There are 10 parts to the series, each about 5-6 minutes long, as is typical of youtube videos.

If you are interested in exploring what kinds of teachings are happening in South America, I think you will find this window into the Peru UFO scened illuminating.


If this link does not work, try searching for Sixto Paz Wells on youtube, and I think you will find your way to his English videos, or his Spanish ones, si Ustedes hablan Espagnol.

Buen Viaje!

YouTube – Videos from this email
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  1. Hello Ann,
    I was most interested to read your page on the Marcahuasi plateau and extraterrestrial communication of the 1950s contactee kind. I edit a magazine called Amskaya concerned with contactees and would be very interested to print the article in the next issue if you would give me permission. I am putting a piece by Tony Wedd about attending a talk by George Hunt Williamson including mention of photographs of UFOs hovering over the stones, and the stones humming as if the craft was recharging.

    Jimmy Goddard

    This is the short piece by Tony Wedd:

    My mind went back to Hunt Williamson’s lecture in London in 1955 when he showed a number of shots of flying saucers hovering over carved stones. This was on the Marcahuasi Plateau in Peru, and some were very dramatic pictures – the stones were carved all over with faces on the rocks – elephants and lions and things you wouldn’t expect in Peru anyway. But there they were unmistakeably in these pictures and he said the whole place was humming – all the stones seemed to be giving out energy – and he said there you can see the saucer – a little silvery star in one of his shots, planted over the rock, and he said this is obviously drawing from this hum the energy it needs. And there’s definitely a suggestion that some of the stones are of interest to the saucers, the Old Man of Coniston with the Stephen Darbishire one, and those faces on Stonehenge are interesting too (Tony must be referring to Mollie Carey’s pictures here – see them on – something to do with carving up these faces on stones interests the saucer people, or maybe it’s a way of marking the stone, as a particular powered stone.

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