Jeoff Lawton: What is Permaculture’s (Positive) Tipping Point?

I listened to the first third of this while doing yoga just now. Will listen to the rest of it with Chi Kung and Tai Chi later today. So far, I sense it as an extraordinary and very interesting overview of both what permaculture can bring to the world and where we are now in the process.

(E.g: As he says, our “screenagers (formerly known as teenagers) spend an average of 60 hours onscreen each day. However, underneath all our hi-tech wizardry, water still flows downhill; natural processes, though often ignored in “developed countries,” still undergird human and Earth life, and we can learn how to re-integrate with them at any time.)

As this permaculture pioneer (since 1980) designer and international teacher states, and I cannot help but agree with him, “Permaculture is the only game in town.” Each time someone discovers this design science that is founded on ethics and works to mimic and enhance the processes of nature to create abundance on every level, this newcomer sighs with relief, or laughs with joy, or smiles with hope. Finally, a way forward that we can, working in cooperation, all put our extraordinary creative energies behind.

Check out this comment by Sheila of the Columbia Basin Permaculture, to my post responding to the wildly successful conclusion of the Garden Tower Project kickstarter.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 12.51.14As Sheila says, their work and attitude capture the essence of permaculture, which is not just polyculture gardens in the ground. It’s all sorts of ways that we can integrate our various energies and skills while moving forward to create abundance on all levels. And always, always, yes, “the problem is the solution.” Enlarge the frame within which we look at any problem, and a solution clicks into place — first in our imaginations, and then, with hard, joyful, cooperative work, in manifestation: for good, for the good of all beings.


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