Jeff Bridges: “Plastic is a substance that the earth cannot digest.”

I thank Reader Rose, for the nudge to post this compilation.

Locally, a group was revving up to ban plastic bags in Bloomington Indiana.

Groups Fight Plastic Bag Use in Bloomington

Six days ago, they were slammed down, on a state level.

Bill Banning Local Plastic Bag Restrictions Signed into Law

As the de-centralization movement continues to gather energy, how are we to interact with old and new draconian restrictions from centralized levels higher-up? I have a feeling that this issue is going to become front and center as we continue to recognize and work to change, the ways humans have ravaged our home planet.

Jeff Bridges has produced a terrific video that documents the extent of plastic, world-wide. Eye-opening, even to a “relatively enlightened” one such as me (who is, however, still addicted, to some extent, to plastic). Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to load it, and it’s not (yet) on youtube. Go to his facebook page:

Jeff Bridges: “Open your eyes. When did we become a plastic society?”

Here’s a story currently making the rounds of both alternative and corporate media. Just another tearjerker that further desensitizes us to our interrelationship with all living things? Or one of the wake-up calls that, little by little, might make a difference? But, so many other indications are telling us that we don’t have time for “little by little,” that we must all, act, fast, and NOW. I include myself in this assessment.



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