Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamura speaks on January 2 about December 2012.

The bio on this well known Japanese woman is extraordinary. Why have I never heard of her?

She speaks of “three days and three nights of darkness.” Inelia Benz, in her New Year’s Message, also speaks of this:

“There is a window during this year that might be forced open by the other side. If this is the case, it is really not something I am that concerned about. The window is called “Three days of darkness”. During this period the population will be strictly split between those who are still based on fear, and those who are heart centered.

“In my viewing, if this window opens, it will indeed provide an opportunity for the shift we experienced in August to manifest at a collective human level in a rather brutal fashion. However, billions of individuals have incarnated on the planet at this time, and for decades now (including you), in order to make the shift a joyful, smooth, and empowering one for as many people as possible.”

I seem to remember someone else talking about Three Days of Darkness, Drumvalo Melchizedek? Not sure? I googled it, and found that there’s a long prophetic tradition about Three Days of Darkness, with many Catholic mystics adhering to the idea, even and including, supposedly, Hildegaard of Bingen!

BTW: much of what the Princess says parallels what Inelia Benz and many others talk about, regarding the overriding importance of December 2012, Ascension and parallel earths. Likewise, she seems to be referring at one place to the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bunkers), the entrances of which have supposedly now been destroyed by the galactics, according to David Wilcock and others.

In any case, I do find the Princess to be incredibly brave, for such a public figure. The video has been reproduced on lots of websites. My hasty transcript of her somewhat broken English lies below it.


In 1976, I had a fantastic experience. Ever since then my third eye opened. So I could communicate with the UFO people, and also inside the earth there is a very high civilization existing. I also communicate with them. And from all of this information, I am convinced, 2012, December 22 on, three days, three nights, we are not able to use the electricity, complete darkness, day and night. No sun, no stars, no light at all. We are completely in dark three days. No mass media. No information announced to the people on this planet. Even government people know it. Just by themselves, they thought they could be saved. They tried to escape from this planet. Or they are ____ the underground city. Atlanta (?) Poland, Switzerland, Australia. About 10,000 people elite could be saved by living there. I don’t think they are saved anyway.

We need to purify our spiritual condition, physically and spiritually. I’ll tell you how to do it. It is very important. Almighty God, the creator of the God itself is light and love and energy. Part of that energy of the love we have in our heart. We can tell a lie to other people, but we cannot tell a lie to ourselves. That is the conscience. Each human being has that beautiful part of the creator in our soul. That will reincarnate. That is the eternal guide we have inside. That means, in order to purify our soul, every five years or so, since we are born, we can take a look with that conscience, how we behaved, how we thought, how we talked about. And all of these things can clarify by looking at our life every five years, up until now. This way, each time we find something, we did something harmful to the other people, we can clarify and we can purify that. And each time we find it, our heart expand. We can breathe it very deeply, and each time we have that experience, all this darkness goes out of our heart but all this golden light is coming into our heart. That way we can see better and better.

We still have some time until December 22, 2012. Physically, we can also purify our body. First of all, we should never drink canned drink or canned beer. Aluminum is very very harmful to our body. Without knowing, we take all of this poisonous food and drink. And some kind of exercise is necessary. And each day we can detect our spirit, how it is.

In essence, we human beings are light and love. Because part of creator we have in our heart. And that reincarnates. By leaving our body here on the earth, but spirit go on, keep on living.

On this earth, I can remember my life, several thousand years back on this planet. And besides, many many other part of the planet I lived, all this memory coming back. And I could speak the language I’ve never learned. So physically, I experienced the incarnation theory is correct. Well, whoever listened to this conference theme, I think people is saved.

We are so divided after 1913, the kind of people who believe in this concept and the kind of people who don’t. They’re splitting very deeply, and all these people who don’t understand this, or who don’t believe it, or completely dark spiritual condition — they will be born to the other planet, just like this earth, where there’s violence and war.

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6 Responses to Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamura speaks on January 2 about December 2012.

  1. Bryan says:

    I am curious about the very strong point being made re. aluminium vs. all the other poisons in our environment, food, etc. Any thoughts?

    • Linda H says:

      Aluminum accumulates in the pineal gland of the body, the third eye. By eliminating this toxicity, we are more likely to ‘See’/awaken. Aluminum is also an element in the geo-thermal engineering spray (aka: weather control or chemtrails)

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you very much for making the transcript. YT has been deleting the videos all day, so it’s good to have a written transcript that is safe. Thanks again.

  3. joe goodness says:

    the 3 days of darkness also refers to Padre Pio’s visions(stigmata Priest/visionary)…here’s a link….


    • Just read quickly through the doc. No year mentioned except 1950. And of course, lots of prophecies have come and gone since then, and as the people of the world wake up, so the most dire prophecies seem to shift and get cancelled altogether.

  4. syed ali says:

    with respect
    my name is syed ali i visit 3 three time in japan but i realy love japanese people i respect all country people i love japan because i find love japanese are great all in the world i will pray 2 my god please if you born again plz born me in japan its my wish i want spend my all life in saitama japan i pray for japan god plz help all japanese people its my wish i want go in japanese church but i am muslim but its my wish i want pray in church for japan love you japan

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