January STORM, Day 7: Astrology of the “certification,” plus possible decoding of yesterday’s events

The date and time for when the 2020 (s)election was finally certified? January 7, 4:32 AM, Washington D.C., which generated an utterly fascinating and, once again, seemingly divinely timed, chart.


Such exquisite timing! Notice that the Moon, at 0°22 had just barely passed into Scorpio, exactly opposite Mars, which, at 0°12, had just barely passed into Taurus.

And then, of course! Mars and Moon generate a powerful T-cross with Jupiter/Saturn in early Aquarius, the formal beginning of what we call the Age of Aquarius. Yes. As if the promise of that remarkably rare and powerful conjunction on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, was finally emotionally provoked from underneath (Moon in Taurus) to determined action (Mars in Taurus).

Scorpio = the mysterious power of the life force, which when politicized leads to secret deals, undercover machinations, revenge, smoldering fury, and so on.

Volatile Mars has been in its own sign, hot-headed Aries, since late June 2020. An unusually long time, due to its retrograde period in the middle of it. (Mars has a two year cycle, so usually stays in one sign only  two months). So, ordinarily, especially during turbulent times like this, one would be grateful for the steadying influence of earthy, fixed sign Taurus. But not this time . . .

For notice just how close Mars is now to explosive, unpredictable, wild card Uranus, also in Taurus, where it has been shaking the ground out from under our feat ever since it entered that sign in May 2018, to remain there until July 2025. (Uranus has an 84 year cycle, so passes through each of 12 signs in 7 years.)

Only six degrees now separate Mars from Uranus. Given that Mars moves about one degree every two days, it will be pressing closer and closer to its exact conjunction with Uranus until, you guessed it! January 20, Inauguration Day!

However, Mars tends to work ahead of its exact conjunction, and besides, Uranus will be stationing, turning from retrograde to direct motion, on January 14, with increased intensity felt that entire week.

So . . . Please realize that this election drama is nowhere near over. Plus, notice that Trump’s supposed “concession” yesterday — put out by Scavino on twitter, since Jack suspended Trump’s own twitter account for 12 hours, did not say, “orderly transfer of power.” Rather, just “orderly transfer,” the exact same phrase Pompeo used not many days ago, when he talked about the Trump administration going forward into its second term. Also note the interesting choice of words in the last sentence of Trump’s statement.

Gear down, folks. Center and ground yourself as well as you can while the ground is being pulled out from under our feet.


After all, if we are to “drain the swamp” — that phrase sounded so innocuous in the beginning, remember? Just another campaign slogan put out by a politician. Except: Trump is not a politician. And the swamp creatures all know it — and tried like hell to get rid of him for four years. So yesterday,  like scared rats, they  scurried from their open laptops through a door that led down into the tunnels (leading to Comet Pizza? How many already knew the way? 90%), to avoid heavily tattooed, thug-faced Antifa, disguised as MAGA patriots, invited in by the (Capitol police, D.C. police? both?) were ushered through the rotunda into the chamber where the proceedings were taking place,  As I saw them go by, I worried about the statues!

Oops, one down. A young female antifa, said to have been shot in the neck — by one of the police? That’s not obvious. Nor does the video make anything clear. “Executed,” says the title. Hmmm . . . Plus, might she be a crisis actor?

Gotta have at least one sketchy death to blame on MAGA patriots and set up the mainstream narrative that Trump supporters are violent thugs. It sure worked in my left-leaning, mostly mufflemasked, academic town! In fact, the very largest headline I’ve ever seen in my local paper, this very morning!

In other words, World War III, the INFOWAR, continues.

More, from twitter:

“These fuckers are laughing at us for believing their little theater production was real.”

Oh but wait. Could the storm through the Capital have been a a gigantic sting op?

Who knows? Wait and see.

Meanwhile, here’s a fascinating analysis of what might have been going on:

SOLVED: Why did the President Call for a Rally on January 6 and Say It Would be “Wild”?

And now, it appears, finally, that the military is in charge. Trump went to great lengths to allow all the swamp rats to show their true colors, while exercising cunning, patience, and immutable determination.

I predict that, at least by April, more and more of us will be glad.

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11 Responses to January STORM, Day 7: Astrology of the “certification,” plus possible decoding of yesterday’s events

  1. James says:

    >> ” a young, female antifa, said to be shot in the neck”…

    You are incorrect on this point. She was a US Air Force veteran and a patriot named Ashli Babbitt, of San Diego. And she was murdered.


  2. ps&qs says:

    Somehow you forgot to mention the 1-hour incitement that your god Trump made to these “antifa” people—was he fooled too? https://lithub.com/qanon-takes-the-capitol-culmination-or-beginning/

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      If you are trying to bait me or fight me, no thanks. Let us all find a way to speak with one another in a caring way, no matter what our political stance. And that means we need to go either below (into daily life) or above (into philosophy of life) that subject which threatens to tear us apart as human beings.

  3. philosopherQueen says:

    Question for you as a philosopher: what would it take to demonstrate that QAnon’s global pedophilia deep state and Pizzagate were untrue? For if not falsifiable at least in theory, as you well know, the house of cards crumbles into contentless, meaningless idiocy. I doubt that Trump himself, speaking directly to you maskless in person, to say it was all a political game would convince you. You would say it was an impersonator, or all part of the deep-state game plan, or a Q strategy known only to the enlightened ones at the highest level. There is always an increasingly more improbable rationalization. It’s a shame to lose your intellectual independence and for this drivel. I hope your mind/soul/spirit, which I have long admired until now, can be salvaged.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Have you read Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America? That’s what got me started, and I never stopped, and never will. Pay attention to the underbelly of this civilization. I dare you!

  4. P.E. Cotton says:

    Right-wing extremist, conspiracy-theorist QAnon followers, Proud Boys, and other violent, radical groups and individuals committed treason against the United States of America when they breached the Capitol on January 7, 2021. It was a massive anarchic, violent rebellion with no regard for law and order, personal property, or the Senators and Representatives who work tirelessly and in great danger on the people’s behalf. Taking no responsibility as a Q-Anon follower, and scapegoating the thousands who were violently and destructively protesting by placing the blame on “Antifa” is not believable. It defies logic and reason, and negates personal responsibility as a Q believer. Hatred, venom, law-breaking are the hallmarks of Trump and right-wing conspiracy theorists. Inciting violence is one of his trademarks. Where were the disciplined, orderly, ready-for-action officers of the law that we saw in the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, at protests that were largely peaceful and nonviolent – a stark contrast to the lack of police protection against these massively violent protestors and rioters who fomented an insurrection against the very government personnel doing the job of governing? The President of the United States incited the violence yesterday, urged them on. You speak of people airing their differences peacefully without rancor or put-downs, but you follow a man and Q-Anon and conspiracy theories that have nothing to do with peace or laws or justice. Those groups do not make America great again, they make it torn to pieces. President Trump has never made America great again, he has stuck a sword into the side of Americans, twisted it and watched it writhe with agony. A people and country cannot be made great with violence and lies, narcissist behaviors and cruelties. Those were not Antifa people yesterday, that’s a massive lie to cover up the truth – that Trump has fomented this rebellion, fomented hatred and violence, and thumbed his nose at the rule of law and the way of common, human decency.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      So fascinating how equally intelligent people can see what appears to be the same world so very very differently. It never ceases to amaze me, until I remember that every person has his or her own singular point of view, i.e., point from which they are viewing the world. And that the view of the world from each point of view is also singular. Meanwhile, what do we have in common as human beings? Let’s focus on that.

  5. anon88 says:

    her family has come out. she was caught up in the herd and paid the ultimate price with her life. even Antifa has been saying “the dumb bitch deserved it, she shouldn’t have been there,” i think that alone is noteworthy. And the woman was a patriot and mother, and we know because we have been researching this non-stop since it happened.

  6. Jill says:

    Anne, this is an interesting first person account of the protest that adds to some of the conjecture in your post:
    From the Cassiopaea forum – https://cassiopaea.org/forum/threads/2020-us-election-let-the-games-begin.47362/page-268#post-920267

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