January Storm, 2021, Day 8: Oops! My mistake!, plus granular analyses of D.C March, and more

Note: make sure you read yesterday’s post, in order to grok the beginning of this one.


I am happy that Bill, on twitter, messaged me that I had mixed up 4:32 AM with 3:42 AM, for my chart on the Election Certification. Given that I spent quite a few paragraphs on the chart I set up for 4:32 AM, I do need to correct it here. Besides, it will give those not very familiar with astrology a lesson in just how important the time of day (or night) is when setting up a chart, since it determines especially, the degree (and sometimes the sign) position of the Moon, as well as the degree (and sometimes, the sign) on the Ascendant.

In this case, both degree and sign of both Moon and Ascendant change.


Yesterday’s chart had a Sagittarian Ascendant. However it was not my focus in interpreting the chart. This 3:42 AM corrected chart has a Scorpio Ascendant, which I DO think significant, especially given that the Moon, in yesterday’s version was at 0° Scorpio and the Moon in this version is at 29° Libra! Only one degree difference, and yet it makes a world of difference, in that Scorpionic energies are decidedly involved, but in a different way. And, since the Moon is now at 29° Libra, and this degree of any sign is considered to be karmic, where the lesson of that sign must be finally learned, then think of this Election Certification moment as one which encourages each of us to pay attention to all our personal relationships, to treat other people as equals, and to be fair, just, and diplomatic.

All the rest of what I said about the chart yesterday remains the same. Plus, here’s another zinger to feed into the explosive mix: Note the Sun itself (moving at rate of one degree per day) is approaching Pluto and will briefly illuminate at least some of the sticky underworld gunk about six days from yesterday.

Speaking of relationships with equals, yesterday’s comment section is a case in point. Two of the comments were from people who are decidedly “political” in their views, think their views diametrically opposed to mine, and judge me for it. Not a wise use of Libra!

Anon88 tells me that there really was a woman killed, but that she was not 16, as I heard, but a 14-year Air Force veteran, and a MAGA patriot. And yet, Lin Wood, today, echoed my original conjecture that this woman is alive, and may be a crisis actor, in a tweet that, damn it, I can no longer find, and the “bookmarks” function on my twitter account is now gone!

Ah! Here it is!

Diane H. calls attention to the phrase Trump’s use of the phrase “orderly transition,” not “transfer,” which I also think significant. Meanwhile, Praying Medic, on twitter, says to always pay attention to the final sentence in Trump’s supposed “concession” speeches, as there’s where the real meaning is communicated.

It’s becoming more and more clear to absolutely everyone that there is simply no way of “keeping up with” the news, much less figuring out whether it’s real info, disinfo or misinfo. I always attempt to “consider the source,” especially if I have had experience with the source in the past. That’s how I gradually narrow down my focus to certain sources rather than others, while always including new ones as possibilities. Discernment is an art, with no guarantee of being correct.

All this reminds me of my teacher’s first talk to us new graduate students in philosophy. Down through the ages, he said, philosophy has always focused on “the problem of justification,” by which it means “proving that what one thinks one knows is TRUE.” But, he added, stunned, and to our immense dismay, while sitting there taking notes: “There’s no such thing as proof. Proof is merely a form.”

Chew on that one for awhile.

I have managed to ferret out two interesting first hand accounts of what went on at the D.C. rally on January 6. The first comes from another commenter, Jill. Check the comments section from to see it, from the Cassiopaiea Forum.

The second first person account is from Red Pill 78, one of my trusted sources. BTW: he claims that the shot that he says did kill a real woman, came through a window that had been smashed from the outside in the house chamber where the deliberations had been going on. He showed a picture of the smashed window. But the video I saw (see yesterday’s post) on the shooting had the victim shot somehow in a crowded hallway. Something doesn’t compute. As usual!

The most interesting aspect to me of both accounts are their focus on the dramatically changing mood of the enormous and amazingly diverse MAGA crowd (one million? more?)  Red Pill 78 also discussed the complexity of what actually happened when the Capital building was “stormed.” (He was there.) Not all antifa, he says, but definitely antifa led. He also calls attention to a video showing five chartered antifa buses, escorted by two black limos, that came in, with the occupants taking up positions along the edges . . . The more he talked, the more I got an eerie feeling that the entire day was some kind of set-up, but by whom? Please do take the time to listen to his account.

BTW: of course  the apparent betrayal of VP Pence looms out as extremely significant to those who have long wondered whether he’s black hat or white hat. His behavior on January 6 seems to indicate black hat. But then why did he refuse Pelosi’s phone calls to help with taking Trump down via the 25th amendment? I can’t help but wonder if he’s getting some sort of a plea deal. That his behavior on the 6th was according to the role he was expected to play in some kind of a 5D chess game that seems to be climaxing now, during this two week run up to the supposed Biden Inauguration. If it is some kind of plea deal, then this video, from 2016, might give some indication of why he needs one.

By the way, do you know the strange hairy guy with horns on his head that has frequented both BLM marches and the D.C. March? Well, he appears to be very well informed on child trafficking, MK Ultra, etc. Damn. Can no longer locate the tweet where he talking with Chanel Rion. Damn!

Oh well.






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9 Responses to January Storm, 2021, Day 8: Oops! My mistake!, plus granular analyses of D.C March, and more

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    I would love to know what Masonic coin Pence was given for being obedient to the masters in stabbing Trump in the back.

  3. Susan Werb says:

    Pence gas always been evil which is why I never totally trusted Trump. “Keeping enemies close” theory in their partnership disolved after Trump tapped him as VP and then kept him for all 4 years despite him having had to have known him well. They were business partners on cable and gambling deals in Indiana that screwed over everyone there. Neither are welcome in many cities in that state for that reason. Are you just discovering Troy Smith? Do you realize he said Trump also raped children? It’s initiation into DC power by DS that offered Trump what basically amounts to a continental kingdom.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      My sources say that Trump has not been compromised that way, which is why they hate him, because he is not one of them.

  4. m says:

    Wondered, since you have not mentioned them, the updates from Simon Parkes regarding the march, vatican, etc. also his three-way with Charlie Ward and David Steel. Parkes was just outsted from Youtube and is now on Bitchute.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I very much appreciate Simon Parkes, as well as Charlie Ward. Haven’t gotten to the Vatican stuff yet. Certain sites I follow regularly, including Simon, as well as X22 Report, and a few others.

  5. Randomviewer says:

    There are clear videos of the woman being shot. She was standing on a desk being used to block the door way and the officer(?) too the shot with his gun pointed at a slight angle towards the ceiling avoiding anyone behind her standing on the ground.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Might you send me one or more of those videos? One I saw last evening had the guy with the gun on the outside of the room, pointing the gun at someone not in view, and then at the last second moving the gun off to the side (so that it shot outside the room) simultaneously with someone slumping to the floor.

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