January Quickening 2021, Day 4: I used to hate America. Now I love America. Plus news nuggets.

So much this morning makes me tear up. First there was the talk I had with housemate Dan, how my indoctrinated liberal self used to hate this country; how, when abroad, I would feel embarrassed if anyone from anywhere else asked me where I was from. I hoped they would think I was German, given my last name and “blue-eyed blonde” looks. But I didn’t speak German. So maybe I could pass as British? Australian?

Dan said that he had exactly the same feeling. That he used to hate this country, and that, we both agree, we are grateful to live in the one nation on earth with a constitution that is governed by We the People. The one nation where individual “freedom” is a given.

(Most countries don’t even have a constitution, much less one as inspired as ours.)

Or, we’re supposed to be the land of the free — to speak our mind (threatened now by leftist censorship of social media, blue-pilled political correctness, violent Antifa-like tactics), to defend ourself (including the use of a gun if necessary), to go our own way, as long as we are not hurting others (this one is squirmy now that Covid has turned snitching and mask-wearing into virtues); to trust at least the 3rd branch of the government, the court system, and its “court of last resort”  but which, as Trump says, if that’s gone, “you no longer have a country.” And it does appear that that’s gone too — for now.

I’ve flipped, over these past four years, from hating to loving my country, despite (and because of) the thick layers of corruption being exposed; loving the constitutional bedrock upon which we’ve built a nation as an inspiration for others in other nations, also “yearning to be free.”

And yet, as Alison McDowell  says (in her extremely complex and eye-opening three hour presentation that I have yet to complete, can only absorb little chunks at a time), “We the People” in our Constitution “does not include everybody.” The Native Americans especially, whom “the pioneers” drove to near extinction in their mad rush to conquer this land, “from sea to shining sea.”  This gigantic and little-noticed flaw in our founding document has yet to be remedied. And yes, the point is, the founders, “in order to form a more perfect union,” in that very language, admitted that it was not perfect, not by a long shot.

Even so, my eyes tear up when I hear this phrase, especially when it is sung: “God Bless America.”:

I am grateful especially for how this election fiasco has been slowly dragged out, unearthing more and more corruption for the American people to begin to absorb, nudging even those who have been asleep, ignorant or in denial are beginning to wake up. The Great Awakening is indeed happening, NOW. American citizens (we used to be called “consumers”) are finally beginning to realize the gravity of what we are in danger of losing, our reason for being as a nation, thanks to the massive corruption and institutional bloat that has been infecting our nation for the last, what is it, 40 years? 70? The gradual erosion of our rights, the gradual infiltration of extreme leftist ideology that verges on communism, where “the state” lords it over everybody . . . how especially, in this university town, we notice how leftist ideology took over academia and graduates students who, simply, never learned to think for themselves.

And, now realizing how we’ve been infiltrated by China, or I should say, the Chinese Communist Party (some say just the latest cover — for the Deep State? the cabal? are they the same?), over these decades, in all sorts of ways . . .

Somewhere in my December blog reflections I realized with a start that the real Trump Card is his strong and determined focus on doing everything he can to expose and strip the media-induced illusion that low energy pedophile Biden won, by the book; by which he means, according to the United States Constitution. That this entire climactic Stop the Steal drama we are watching and, more and more, participating in, each in our own way, is essential to begin the road back to a real Constitutional Republic.


Meanwhile, today, nuggets:

First off, I think that Greta Thunberg tweet about her 18th birthday was a troll. Too bad!

Next: Julian Assange will not be extradited to the U.S., is seeking to make bail, and: MEXICO HAS OFFERED HIM ASYLUM Of course the hope is that Trump will “pardon,” him, though we all know he did nothing wrong.

The 117th Congress opened today with a “gendered” ending to  its prayer: “Amen. Awoman.” Can you believe?!? Makes me want to throw up.

Remember the zombie parade I included yesterday?  Dutch permie friend and former neighbor Sylvia sent in this comment today:

I will end with urging you to read a long set of tweets from Lin Wood in the middle of last night that simply must be absorbed, if we are to recognize the depth and horrific nature of what has blackmailed so many public and not-so-public figures into a  lifelong vice grip . His source? Isaac Kappy.


Given that I’ve been aware of the depths of what Lin Wood is just beginning to recognize ever since I read Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America, I can only weep for him and his family, how his dedication to the TRUTH now puts both him and his family at extreme risk from the diabolical currents of hatred, violence and revenge now coursing through the atmosphere, threatening to take over, and I feel, being effectively managed by the oh-so-slow rollout of TRUTH from all sorts of sources, both grassrroots and “official.”

My horrified recognition of MKUltra mind control, Manchurian candidates, pedophilia, trafficking, and Satanic Ritual Abuse was the very issue that drove me to take Trump seriously, once he got into office as President. This singular man has the heart of a lion.


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