January Ignition 2021, Day 3: Epistemological and Sociological Reflections on THE QUICKENING

Day three, and I have a sense that everybody on earth not completely zombified by drugs (pharmaceutical or otherwise), alcohol, slave labor, or chronic painful conditions, notices that something new and strange is spurring all kinds of effects on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. What kinds of effects? This depends in part on the frequency a person was running when the covidocrisy began, and how it has affected them since.

Roughly speaking, human beings tend to divide into two types: those who operate from the outside in (Lockeans), and those who operate from the inside out (Socratics).  In other words, those who look up to or rebel against outside authorities, and those whose authority is centered within.

As January’s turbulence increases, both types aare going to be stirrred further, but differently. The first type will undergo severe “cognitive dissonance,” we call it, though it also affects physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. The second type, who have learned all along to surf the winds of change by remaining centered, grounded, and balanced, will be in a position to assist and support those who come to them with questions.

And for either type, let us remember that each person, as an individual, operates from his or her own unique “point of view,” i.e., point from which one is viewing. No two points of view are alike, despite that those who seek refuge in or control by outside authorities try to cram their own unique perceptions into certain predetermined, i.e., conditioned, immutable categories mirroring the “position” (the pose) of whatever authorities they have been indoctrinated to be-LIE-ve in.

As for those who operate intuitively on inner authority, i.e., those whose right-brain, heart, and soul are communicating, functioning in tandem, these know in their bones that they need to continually discern what they want to open to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — and what not. Their point of view is not fixed, but expanding: since any perspective, no matter how large, has edges that are not walls, but permeable, like membranes; and since any perspective, no matter how large, can also can be viewed from afar, as a point, which when contemplated long enough, dissolves, into space, an even larger presence, which in turn births an infinity of points, perspectives . . .  Get it?

I.e., for both types, no matter who we are, whatever we think we “know,” will begin to suffocate us sooner or later.

Re: the covid: Let us remember, this is the very first time on planet earth that whoever (or whatever) runs this place has rolled out something so diabolically clever, and so able to play upon especially western materialistic culture’s ignorance of the organic nature of our own bodies, which, by the way, we are taught to think of as objects, machines, to be owned and driven solely by the left-brain, The right-brain, and its intimate attunement with the heart and the soul, is ignored or suppressed, forgotten, or seen as “crazy” — thus denying the brilliant, natural, multidimensional self-healing abilities of the body’s immune system. Indeed, these poor folks can be conned into actually fearing their own bodies, as well as those of everybody else.

And Ooooo! And now there’s another Covid virus out there, and, says Fraud-ci, he’s not surprised. Wow! Gee! That means even more tests! Another vaccine! Yes! Coming right up!

Hey folks, just who is profiting or otherwise benefitting from this ongoing, slowly unrolling, collective delusion designed to force us all, dumbed down, sleep walking, and very very afraid, into compliance on our way into the New Technocratic World Order?

Not everybody. See this (hat tip to Cindy):

Here’s a great find, from www.conservativewoman.com, an extraordinary video with transcription by a psychiatrist who is paying attention to just what happens when F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), takes over, and grinds on and on, infecting the collective atmosphere more and more thoroughly with its strong, unrelenting currents.  The result? “Delusional psychosis.”

Fear of Covid has turned into a pandemic of mental illness

All sorts of other stuff I could report on, of course; as the numbers of sudden, surprising twists and turns in especially the presiding electiongate2020-2021 drama, make my poor eyes bug out, and my poor head nod up and down, left and right, threatening to swivel all the way around!

So I think I’ll just stop here today.

One more item of note: A nearly-three-hour video by Charlie Freak. I’m about 1/3 of the way through. It’s fascinating. He’s telling his version of The Plan and how Trump and Co. had to cut off the head of the hydra first. Which means, what we have been witnessing, since then, are the death throes of the dying Deep State.


Oh Wait! Podmate Gabby just ran in to tell me Greta Thunberg has just tweeted that she turned 18 today, and that she’s going to split from her handlers, and TELL THE TRUTH!

Wheee . . .  . . .



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  1. sylvia says:

    dutch groups inspired by the swiss artistic zombie parade have sprung up all over our cities! the Netherlands is not entirely awake yet but there are definitely very active seedgroups! stood on a field of peaceful protesting women myself yesterday, listening to some speakers and music (the wanderer – aren’t you meant to fly) and finishing of with the british protest song, already a classic ‘you can stick your poison vaccines…’

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