January 2021 ACCELERATION, Day 11: Parler down spurs WORLD WIDE UPRISING

Well, it was predicted, and the prediction came true. Amazon erased Parler from the internet last night. I hear that Gab is expected to suffer the same fate, and that we all need to migrate to Telegram. And since Dictator Jack (in cahoots with fb Zuckercreep) cancelled the Twitter account of the President of the United States, whatever Big Tech will get next, given Trump’s famous capacity for revenge, will, frankly, feel downright delicious.

Whiplash karma, I call it:

Along with an astute friend of mine, who prefers to remain anonymous, I wonder if VP Pence is a double agent, actually working within Trump’s 5D operations (because of a plea deal?) while pretending to be a recently discovered black hat, due to his starring villain role in the January 6th “elector certification” drama.

Two things make me wonder: First, he did not immediately respond to Crazy Nancy’s request (demand?) several days ago that he go along with her 25th amendment op that would declare Trump mentally unfit to rule (once again, projection!). Her crazed dithering makes more and more sense now that her laptop and server, and I think it was seven thumb drives, all taken by spec ops in disguise who “breached” the Capital with Antifa and a few MAGA stragglers, all escorted in by the (Capital?) police. That laptop, loaded with all sorts of stuff she would never want the world to see, is now in the hands of the Trump administration.

And second, the strangely intense emotional tribute to Pence by DOD head Chris Miller.

It may be that we’re about to find out, now that Nancy, this morning, has given him 24 hours to respond. No wonder she’s in a hurry! She’s got to get Trump before he unleashes the entire contents of her laptop and lets the whole world know who, in fact, she really is.

Geez! only nine days until the much trumpeted Inauguration which Trump says he’s going to hold inside the White House; and didn’t Biden say he was going to hold it virtually (i.e., in his basement)? Might it be that on January 20th, two different parties are going to say they have been Inaugurated?  — with the Fake Stream Media lauding the latter and condemning the former as bogus or worse, much worse? Or, better: will the propaganda arm of the Deep State, actually crash and burn before that?

In case you need to research, Trump tweets are archived here:


Weird, I just watched a video of today’s U.S. House of Representatives, where Pence was asked to join their effort to dump Trump via the 25th Amendment (a rep from West Virginia objected); and guess what, NANCY WAS NOT THERE! Where is she? Already arrested?

(BTW: in the second video below, Simon says Nancy is NOT going to pursue impeachment.)

Even weirder for me personally: This computer has, twice now, in the last 15 minutes started to put out a strange signal, all of a sudden, a whirring noise, that lasts about 30 seconds. No obvious source. Both times I went to find my phone, wondering if it was the way the predicted Emergency Broadcast System would begin . . .

Makes me jumpy . . .

Michael K. Jaco has put out a valuable video:


Here’s an interesting view of what’s going down and what’s about to go down.

This video is an extraordinary mine of intel: Basically, the media is about to go down, which is why the EBS will have to go up. Soon there will be a nuclear scare event, “necessary for a global awakening.”

Oh and for those who wonder what might happen when the internet and social media go down, I’d say never doubt the power of human ingenuity and innovation. This, from my housemate Dan:

Tim Berners-Lee wants to turn the internet on its head and decentralize it once more. 

I.e., a new internet under every person’s individual control, the way it was supposed to be, originally. Tim Berners-Lee is generally credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web.

Here’s one person’s version of where we are at this point in the history of the world.

I will end with yesterday’s comment from one my readers. Let’s take it as a sign …..


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4 Responses to January 2021 ACCELERATION, Day 11: Parler down spurs WORLD WIDE UPRISING

  1. James says:

    Hi Ann – what’s the source link of that screenshot of a post from someone calling themselves @TheWis… Full handle got cut off so I can’t search for it, and I can’t read the fine print in the image, but I’d like to see what this person had to say. Thanks!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:


      Except it’s not a dash, it’s an underscore, which I can’t find on my keyboard!
      HIs name: I Support Our Military & Law Enforcement


      • James says:

        OK, this link, for others who might want to see it: https://twitter.com/TheWiseOwl_AZ/status/1348626907961544710

        Personally, I think it looks like just another rehash of various unsubstantiated info / possibly wishful thinking that has been circulating for several days now.

        I tend to agree with one of the responses – when I get the emergency broadcast system text message on my phone, I’ll believe it might actually be happening. Just have heard way too many claims lately that have never panned out or had any hard evidence to back them up, unfortunately. I guess I’ve become an honorary Missourian – with their State Motto: “Show Me” …

  2. Chamisagal says:

    Hi Ann
    Quod Verum forum is working well. It’s the home of T. Wictor/C. Osweda.


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