January 9, 2014, and X-class CME: A Record of This Day in My Life

X Class Solar Flare
The sunspot area, and the position of the X-class solar flare, is at the center of the sun. NASA/SDO The first X-class solar flare of 2014 occurred on Tuesday, reports NASA. The solar activity came soon after the first sunspot of 2014 was observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The X-class solar flare kicked up enough solar radiation to cancel Orbital Sciences’ launch scheduled for Wednesday. Orbital Sciences was set for the International Space Station Commercial Resupply Services Mission, ORB-1, but has, tentatively, moved the launch date to Thursday.

Diary: How I flowed through this Solar CME Day

4:00 a.m. Woke up exactly as the direct hit of the solar CME was expected to hit Earth. No electrics had gone out. In my head: a deep, bright, buzzing . . . no, that’s not quite right. More like the pealing of a million far-away bells. Lay there awake on my back for about an hour, consciously breathing into the seven major chakras, one after another root to crown.

7:20 or so: woke up, did some chi kung exercises in bed to get the central channel activated and humming, crown to root.

7:30 or so: got up, put pellets in the stove and lit the fire, turned the gas heat from 62° to 67°, glanced outside to see that the solar panels were still covered with snow (fourth day now?) and sighed.

7:35 or so: made breakfast (homemade chicken soup with organic corn meal). Did awakening chi kung exercises while waiting for food to heat up. Ate breakfast in my comfy easy chair with footstool in front of the fire, puppy Shadow on my lap, along with my first of two daily packets of coffee with ganoderma mushroom. Looked at iPad, Internet, while eating and afterwards, hmmm. what’s going on today — for about an hour altogether, my main research of the day. (I will glance at websites of various kinds throughout the day, however.) I cut and paste a few possible posts into a note page on the iPad. (I usually end up posting about 30% or so of what I put up as possible posts. Aim for about 5 posts per day, not sure why, or for how long, but it’s been that way for at least a year now on this blog.)


9:00 or so: What was I doing? I can’t remember. Washing dishes? Tidying up? Feeding the rabbits? Probably all three, but my awareness, obviously, is not continuous. I do get “absent-minded.” Not sure that’s a bad thing!

Oh yes, I do remember sending long-time neighbor and co-conspirator of neighborhood doings Georgia the photos from the Green Acres Garden blog that she had requested, to be displayed on a common bulletin board at a CONA celebration at the end of January. CONA is the recently resurrected Council of Neighborhood Associations, and it’s really humming!

10:00 to around noon: Focused work on this blog. Five posts, most with commentary. A very potent, intense, flowing two hours. My mind/spirit like a laser beam on this day when an X class CME is apparently directly aimed at earth. Was I receiving and transmitting this energy? It felt like it. My next-door neighbor Rebecca reports the same phenomenon. Incredibly focused all day, she finished a plumbing job in the kitchen that had been stuck and elusive for days, if not weeks.

Noon- 12:20 or so: Yoga (lying, sitting and standing poses)

12:35 – 1 P.M: lunch (broccoli and toast with coconut butter and almond butter), plus second packet ganoderma coffee. More research, but less focused. Today I did not pick up David Graeber’s extraordinary “Debt: The First Five Thousand Years,” which I have been absorbing slowly at lunch time.

At some point in there, a call came in which I did not pick up in time, and when I called back he was gone. Phone tag. We finally spoke around 4 p.m.. This was Jim, of the Enright Ridge Ecovillage in Cincinnati. He wants GANE (Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage) to do a workshop at a retrofit ecovillage conference they are holding in Cincinnati in July. Plus, he and his cohorts want to come visit at the end of January. Terrific!

1:00 – 2:30: Fed the neighbors’ kitties for the final day (three weeks alone now, and they still haven’t peed on anything important!). Drove to hardware store to pick up plumbing for under the sink for Rebecca. Puppy Shadow came in too, so he could receive his usual dog treat from the clerks. Drove to Goat Park and walked with Shadow.

2:30: Came home to a meeting with long-term advisor for me (dwindling) investments . He asked if I was about finished with capital improvements like the solar I put on for both roofs this year. Yes, I told him, a good girl. He’s worried I will “run out of money,” and I surely will!

4:00 p.m. Another unaccounted for hour. Oh yes, I talked with neighbor Rowan, who called from work to say he was afraid Rebecca might ruin the sink trying to fix the drain and thought I should get a plumber. I thanked him for his concern while refilling and relighting the pellet stove. Told him she really wants to do it herself! We segued into talking about relative value of neat and messy households, and how they mean opposite things to each of us.

5:00-5:30 p.m. Finally bit the bullet and cleaned out both rabbit cages (after a week). While I did so, Rebecca came over, triumphant. The sink is fixed. Not leaking! YES!

5:30-6:15: chi kung, tai chi.

6:15: Kangen water purifier, cleaned, finally returned via UPS from Chicago after being stuck in the “polar vortex” storm.

Now, heating up dinner (organic hamburger, Paul Newman tomato sauce and onions, over greens from the garden and new potatoes). Writing this post while I wait.

This evening.? I might watch more of “Dying into Love,” a meaty series of 30 minute videos taken from three workshops with hospice caregivers and others interested in conscious dying with Ram Das and Joan Halifax.

Or I might surf the internet.

Or I might . . . hard to say!

Someone might call. That would take priority. Let’s face it, the permacultural life is all about relationships. I’m waiting to hear back from Claudia — with whom I traveled to Thailand almost a year ago), who lives on Vashon Island, Washington . . .

Today I had relationships with puppy Shadow, kitty Paoli, two rabbits, two kitties down the street, the UPS lady, Rebecca, Rowan, several clerks, an old lady with her little dog at the Goat Park, Jim in Cincinnati, and Bill, my investment advisor (and secret Bolshevik) , and a few others. What a rich rich life!

I am so blessed and grateful to be here now, at this astonishing time, when the world is turning a corner and none of us know what’s next.

What we do have, each of us, is our intention, powered by intensity, tempered by compassion, and bathed in supernal light.

May we live up to our birthright!

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  1. yeah, interesting day in the life. i like how you ended the diary with relationships. curious as to your time zone. i awoke, wide awake from a dream at 6:30 EST

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