January 2021, WHAT’S REAL?, Day 21: Byzantine Shadow Play

Saw the above in lots of places, including Simon Parkes.

Hmmm . . . interesting . . . feels like a warning.

The Biden/Harris “Inauguration” reminds me of one of the famous school shooting false flags that left us all scratching our heads. So many weird questions about it. But first, let’s start with Melania’s comms yesterday, which of course, have to do with what she was wearing, since that’s what this still misogynist, materialist country values about its “first ladies.” Especially an ex-model, I imagine. (I often wonder what happens to all the outfits which are worn only once. She must wear at 365 outfits each year, with no repeats, and on some days, more than one!)

Melania’s Comms

First off, I noticed that Melania wore a form-fitting, appropriately funereal black suit as they left the White House for the “final” time.

Then, I noticed that when they arrived in Florida she was wearing a different outfit, so colorful and outrageous, that I figured it must be a comm.

Then I noticed this story, which puts the two together with pics of both, but without, of course, seeing it as a comm.


Hmmm . . . what’s going on here? For one, remember “Orange is the New Black”? A 2010 memoir by a female prisoner that was made into a Netflix series? My takeaway from this dress to begin with, is simply this: PRISON. Somebody, and probably many people are going to prison.

Meanwhile, we can look at “Orange” as Trump and “Black” as Obama? Oh my. Boring.

Then there’s the geometric symbol depicted on the dress itself, a hexagon. Check this out, a fascinating read:

Meaning of the Hexagon

On national flags, the color orange is said to stand for “courage and sacrifice.”

Why does the black get stronger as it rises vertically? No idea.

Okay, on to the Faux “Inauguration.”


Let’s just focus on the various versions of “just how far ahead of noon,” which is when presidential power is said to transfer from the former President to the New President. Differing accounts have it at 4 minutes, 7 minutes, 11 minutes,  and 17 minutes. But does it matter? Apparently so.

And all with varying interpretations of implications. Here’s one:


Wow, the above reminds me of what happened last night (Mars conjunct Uranus exactly, triggered by conjunction with the Moon, around 11 pm): Antifa mayhem in at least three cities, Portland, Seattle, and Denver. In the first two cities, they were going after the Democratic Party Headquarters! And carried signs saying they don’t want Biden, they want revenge . . .

Besides, don’t forget, they are “UNGOVERNABLE.”

Oh my. Reminds me of kids raised by parents who constantly appease them, give them whatever they want, and then when they grow up they turn on the parents. Because, isn’t Antifa (and BLM) supposed to be the military arm of the DNC?

Hmmm . . . let’s see how “president” Sleepy Puppet Pedo Joe deals with this real insurrection, eh?

Okay, back to the “inauguration,” and exactly what time Biden was sworn in, and what it means. Hint: it gets weirder . . .

Charlie Ward says he watched it in Spain five hours before it aired here. WHAT? pre-recorded?

In any case, how’s this for a meme?


All of which made me wonder. Is Biden somehow in on the grand sting that is drawing out over these first three months of 2021? That his plea deal for him and Hunter (lifelong prison rather that instant death)? required he be in on it?

Then, this morning, I saw this:

Check this out: referring back to the business of the U.S. Corporation which took over the original U.S. Constitutional Republic in 1871, now having been dissolved, with a return of the Republic and President Trump, by March 2021.

True? Wait and see?

Then there’s this. Something I don’t pretend to understand.


Meanwhile, let’s end this byzantine shadow play we’re being subjected to with something more real, tangible, and in fact, downright necessary, if we are to return, not only to “The Rule of Law,” but hopefully, to the aliveness which simmers below that, our own Souls, attuned to the Soul of Mother Nature.

My friend, dowser, permaculture advocate, and regional organizer Lee Barnes, sent this message to his friends, around New Years.

And yes, remember:

Magenta Pixie, yesterday:







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  1. Stan Stanfield says:

    “The hexagon is the connecting center of universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back.” Hmmm…

    …ties in with the dress that she wore when leaving the WH, which some perceptive digital warriors have noted was a replica of a dress that Jackie Kennedy wore. Which ‘fits’ with all manner of hints that JFK, Jr. – who allegedly faked his death in that private plane crash, as a part of a plan to ultimately take down the killers of his father – has been involved in the candidacy and subsequent presidency of his long-time friend, DJT. Who have been playing 5D chess against the Bad Guys’s 3D version. All of which will be revealed at the opportune moment. Stay tuned.

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