January, 2021, Sun/Saturn, Day 23: BIDEN’S “E.O.” BOOMERANGS?

As expected, it gets more “serious” by the day, as transit Sun, at 3°50 Aquarius, this Saturday morning, and moving at the rate of one degree per day sits within one degree of Saturn at 4°16 Aquarius. Karma comes due. As Juan O’Savin said, post-“inauguration,”  “the situation will clear up by Sunday.”  And then, remember, Sun moves on to generous, “make bigger,” lucky Jupiter, which it will reach midweek, 28-29 January, the very days when Clif High thinks we will see outreach and action by the amassed N.G.

Are arrests about to be made? Have they already been made? I saw several little videos that seemed to show Nancy and others being escorted, just as I sat down to the computer this morning after a restless night with the animals. Exhausted. But focused. Resolute. Saturnine! Here goes:

Yesterday evening, I inadvertently posted a draft of this post. This morning I removed it, while copying what was on it and pasting here.

Thanks to VK for this one. I’ve paid attention to Monkey Werx once in a while, and very much appreciate his expertise and experience in mapping military flight paths and their possible meanings.

Noticed the following video on beforeitsnews last night and listened to the whole thing through again. Yes, That was the second time. The first here:

SGT Report: Breaking Update By and For the People

Listen to it, and you’ll see why I did, TWICE. Jim Pugh offers so much context on both the values embedded within the original 1776 Constitution as well as what led up to (with detailed interpretation of  what it really means) that 1871 event that began to transmogrify our Democratic Republic into the U.S. Corporation via the District of Columbia, rendering D.C. a foreign city-state with its own laws, beholden to London and other central bankers, and under orders by the Vatican. Which means, says Jim Pugh, that the newly erected fences around the D.C. city center (including White House, Capital Building, and Supreme Court) are “for the purpose of ‘BORDER PATROL”! I have still not grasped much of his technical info, and probably never will, but it’s one of those videos that reek of the need for Saturnine discipline and focus in order to even begin to understand the larger historical and very very relevant context in which the the idea of an “interim military government” makes sense. Lots of folks have noted that the pages of the so-called EOs signed by “president Biden” seem to be blank. And yet there’s a short video circulating now that claims to say that Biden mutters, just before signing one of them, “I don’t know what I’m signing.”

And wow, this is even more interesting . . .

The above “dot” connects easily to this next “dot,” which is about the Covid, but could apply to many another of his puppet proclamations. (Oh, and did you notice CNN has now removed its daily Covid body count (a reminder of Vietnan War days), plus the CDC has now lowered the number of cycles for PCR tests, which will bring the number of “positive tests” (i.e., “cases”) way down?


In other words, this extended post-“inauguration”drama is a series of 5D chess moves in Trump’s Art of War masterpiece. Biden, compromised, and somewhat demented (or a clone), in return for a plea deal for him and Hunter, (and Jill?) goes along with his “president” starring role, knowing that at least he won’t be executed if he does. Trump’s need to “follow the rule of law” while minimizing violence and civil war as he learns how to bring the two polarized “sides” together into unity could have no finer strategy.

In terms of suddenly “red-pilling the lefties,” probably the most crucial E.O. that he signed has to do with reversing Trump’s E.O. to drastically lower crippling Big Pharma prices on medicines for chronic conditions.

Oh yeah, then there’s his decision to go to back to war in the mideast, this time in Syria. Can you believe?

More comments in this same vein:

And if your blue-pilled NYT-reading friends and family are still not up to speed, send them this:

Finally, I wonder if THIS is now true . . .

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    What is the status of Kamala. The switch Vice President is mostly out sight

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