January 2021 SHOCK! Day 14: Juan O’Savin: “In a few days you’re going to see Biden and Harris sworn into office. . .

Note: See this, a Michael Jaco video with Juan O’Savin, 107 minutes long.

. . . But the reality is we are in a military situation. We were attacked with a digital Pearl Harbor. Because of the way this was done, certain things were put into play. We have the high ground, more secure than they are. Sometimes you yield ground while they’re using up resources. The ‘lowest ground’ is HELL. Then, when they get there, slam the fucking lid on them — and take them down all at once.”

Juan goes on to  talk about how the election fraud attack was done, essentially, by algorithms, A.I.

“We’re in a moment where everything we say and do is being measured — in order to counter us, stop us, block us — both sides (using A.I) doing it at light speed — with everything in play.

And he talks about how everybody in this country, no matter how they voted, KNOW that Trump won by a landslide. How do we all know? Because our screens showed us prior to November 3. Biden couldn’t get 30 people to attend his pathetic “rallies,” whereas Trump, for months — and towards the end of the campaign, with up to four rallies per day — consistently drew thousands upon thousands, often as far as the eye could see.

Juan mentioned that the Washington, D.C. area is also known as “foggy bottom.” Why? Because it used to be a swamp!

So, he concludes, “they’re trying to get us to go along with their digital fakery — but humans can see/feel beyond this.”

Exactly, reality is mysterious, infinite, full of magic and miracles. I.e., reality is NOT defined by computerized off/on switches. That’s a left brain scrim upon reality, just like money is. The right brain, the heart, and above all, the soul, are impervious to being controlled by such nonsense that fosters ego, selfishness, and greed. So to the extent that we can open the intuitive right brain and it’s connection to the heart, and to the extent that we sense our connection, as souls, to source, we are free, no matter how they attempt to corral us.

Juan recognizes the original Constitution, to which Trump wants us to return, if we are to save the Republic, as a de-centralized document. “Over time, the economy, along with the government, became more and more centralized. This centralized city (D.C.) may represent America, until it doesn’t. They think the dozen or so (Democrat-run) cities can control everything . . .They are self-isolating (in those dozen cities), moving to the low ground. We’re going to win this because we stick together.” Meaning, everybody but the blue-pilled cities and the states that they control.


“We have to have confidence in America and in the guy beside you. NEIGHBORS.” Yes. Get to know your neighbors! Remember? We once did know our neighbors. Rather than sitting at home on screens, with especially our children knitting neighborhoods together with their outside play, now everybody, including children, sits at home on screens.

Juan reassures Jaco that the Biden administration will only “last 45-60 days max.”

All of which makes me wonder: did Juan O’Savin know this would be the result, all this time, and is just now telling us? Or did the current state of play necessitate that we realize this is the way it’s going to go down. Also, I’m concerned: how much wreckage can Biden/Harris do in 45-60 days? And, is this part of the “let the enemy destroy themselves” Sun Tzu strategy that Trump has employed all along? And that, it turns out, in order for enough Americans to wake up, they will have to see what happens when a Biden/Harris administration does take the reins?

Plus, is there even a chance that the military, loyal to Trump, would go along with anything Biden demands? Geez! Would they hand over the nuclear codes?

He ends like this: “We have the high ground, the numbers, and the moral authority. What they are really scared of is they know they don’t have the numbers. There is a religious revival now — and it doesn’t show up in the A.I. America is becoming healthier by the hour.”

“This is a near-death experience which, when over, will change us all. It’s going to be like going into the grave — a hellish experience.”


And then, right after listening to this in shocked silence, I listened to the latest Mark Taylor video (the prophet who predicted Trump’s win way back in what was it, 2006?). Just like O’Savin, and many many others, he knows that Trump will have four more years. However, he posed, early on, as a hypothetical:: “What if they allow Biden to be sworn in on the 20th?” (presumably, as part of the plan). Strange, that I should listen to these both, back to back.


And then, right after that (another synchronicity!), I came across this tweet:

And you know damn well that, unlike for Trump, we DO have the evidence (China, Ukraine, Hunter, pedophilia, blackmail, bribery, and so on) when it comes to impeachment of Biden.

I’m reminded of someone who invites being sued, in order to use “discovery” to bring TRUTH to the table.

In any case, I’m better this morning. Last night’s hellish experience did make me realize that I too, was “going through it, for real, emotionally and spiritually. That though I figured (thanks to my particular sources, including Juan, who’s always claimed that Trump wouldn’t be inaugurated until March) that these early months of 2021 would feel like a dark night of the soul, with shocking turns and twists moving us all into a state of stunned disbelief until the promised land is finally achieved, I had no idea that allowing Biden/Harris to assume office could be part of the 5D chess plan.

But I should have! What could be more outrageous?


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4 Responses to January 2021 SHOCK! Day 14: Juan O’Savin: “In a few days you’re going to see Biden and Harris sworn into office. . .

  1. Sky Pedersen says:

    such an excellent interview….the end has me on edge….connections to JFK JR?????

  2. Barry Donovan says:

    I went to COSTO and bought a 44 Pack of Microwave Popcorn. I don’t think I have enough! Breath Deep, Relax, and Watch. God Bless America.

  3. Cindy says:

    The devil whispered in TRUMP’S ear, “ You’re not Strong Enough To Withstand The Storm” TRUMP whispered in the devil’s ear, I AM THE STORM!!! Hallelujah, God is in Charge… sit back and watch as he takes back His country from corruption and traitors!

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