January 2021, PEREGRINATIONS, Day 22: Again, what is really going on? — OUT THERE AND IN HERE.

These are to be MY peregrinations, mental peregrinations, flitting about in space and time, twisting me up like a pretzel, internally trying to figure out what’s OUT THERE. For example . . .

Re: the Biden/Harris installation

At some point just before the “inauguration,” Simon Parkes said that he and three others (Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele and a woman, with whom he is not familiar) were chosen to help calm the American public as we go through this “near-death” experience (as Juan O’Savin calls it), or, this “scare event,” as others have picked up from the Q material.

After yesterday’s (first) January 21 Update from Simon Parkes, I’m left wondering:

Was Simon chosen because he’s an honest, well meaning, highly credible good guy that people would trust to receive “necessary disinfo” from good guys in the Trump administration?

Because: if it’s true that Trump figured Biden would at least get to the White House, so he could see his note, then Plan A (to have the National Guard take down all the bad guys (including Biden) at once while they were gathered behind the inside-out fence at the Capitol building for the “inauguration”) was never really the plan.

(On the other hand, I read something this morning that said the note, “Joe, you know I won,” was a joke. True?)

So, if Simon’s intel from his unnamed source — that some kind of huge threat made it impossible to go through with Plan A and do the mass arrests all at once — is false, then why is he receiving disinfo? Is it so that when the bad guys see his update, they will think that Plan A was so important that the good guys are not sure how to proceed from here?

Hmmm . . . Remember Sun Tzu: “Look weak when you’re strong, and strong when you’re weak.”

And remember that Juan O’Savin said awhile ago that Biden and Kamala would get in for a short while.

Simon says, in that same broadcast, “there will be another chance to take out Biden before April.” What? Only one more? Hard to believe. Even though, as he said, the “inauguration” was their one and only chance to take out everybody at once.

However, had the National Guard acted before Biden was sworn in, i.e., while Trump was still President, Trump, who has been carefully to meticulously “follow the law,” would have been labelled a dictator.


Yep, keeping up all the conjecture, my question: just why did all the usual suspects and other “luminaries” come to the “inauguration”? They must have been aware of the inside-out nature of the fence. Were they all somehow coerced to come? Was their presence (for the convenience of mass arrest) to be their plea deal — prison instead of execution? And, was this really the reason for the presence of 25? 26? 30? 65 thousand  troops?

I didn’t watch it, but others said that the luminaries present looked distinctly uncomfortable, as if they knew what was supposed to happen, and kept looking over their shoulders. . .

For a very interesting perspective on those many thousands of troops, see Clif High’s commentary in this video, sent to me by a reader. (Can no longer find the comment! Weird. Anyway, thank you!) As this article says, go to about the 30 minute mark and start listening to Clif. His remarks about his view of the real purpose of all the troops in D.C. are in there.

Clif High Returns! Very Likely Trump Comes Right Back In!

Okay, all the above is about the most complex I can get in terms of my own 78-year-old mental peregrinations. By the way, I did see this morning that Trump offered any of his nearby Trump hotels to the thousands of troops that were banished from the Capital to the parking garage.

Meanwhile, however, the governors of both Texas and Florida have ordered their National Guard troops to return home. In which case, if these two defectors start a movement among states’ governors, then maybe Clif’s suppositions about the real purpose of their presence will be vitiated?


Meanwhile, chew on this!


I’ve wondered about this idea ever since I noticed that death-and-rebirth Pluto, with its 248 year cycle, over the next several years, returns to its own natal place in the U.S. chart for the very first time since this nation was founded. 

There’s only one way to starve the beast.

Another version of death and rebirth would be if we really do go back to the Constitution as written in 1776, by dissolving the U.S. Corporation that slid into place in 1871. I’ve seen all sorts of stuff on this idea, including gene decode this morning, who said that before Trump left, he instituted a COG (continuity of government) decree which is what handed the reins to the military for the time being.

It does seem to be obvious that the Pentagon isn’t playing along with the fake “presidential” orders? requests? —and that, in fact, there do seem to be two parallel “governments” now in place, a fake one, and the interim military one. Keep in mind that the attitude in the article mentioned below is from left-wing Politico.

The above all belongs to “OUT THERE.” Here comes the “IN HERE:” part.

While my own frittery mind is mostly otherwise occupied, we are proceeding, here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, with our “growing community from the ground up” life as usual. Which means: it’s January, time to start preparing to plant seeds. All year long, we have two morning 1 to 2 hour “work parties” each week. This past Monday, we sterilized the green house itself — walls, floor, shelving. This morning, along with two dogs and a cat, we sterilized gobs of tiny seed containers and trays.

Seeds ordered yesterday from Baker Creek. They were so overrun with orders this year, that it took until January 21 to actually get in our order. What does that tell you, eh? More and more of us humans are  “returning to the garden,” and we can thank the so-called CV-19 for that silver lining.

Joni Mitchell knew it, and sang it, long, long ago . . .

We are Stardust

We are Golden

And We’ve Got to Get Ourselves








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4 Responses to January 2021, PEREGRINATIONS, Day 22: Again, what is really going on? — OUT THERE AND IN HERE.

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Give this a look see Anne….Not sure if you ever watch him but if you like new perspectives, this is a good one to keep an eye on….I’m losing my patience with Simon. It leaves me full of questions and doubt at times…VK

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks, VK. Agreed, Simon is beginning to bug me, too And yes, have been aware of MonkeyWerz, but this particular video is especially telling!

  2. Dawn Vierra says:

    I had heard an interview with Jim Pugh on Bards FM. Very interesting stuff

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