January 2021, INSTALLATION? Day 20: Palindromes, astrology, reality and appearances

For what it’s worth:

Symbolically, what might this indicate? That we are going forwards and backwards at the same time? That no matter how far we go forwards we will have to backtrack? That motion in either direction is cancelled by its opposite? Hmmmm.

Or maybe, it’s best to just center yourself while counting from zero to nine? I’ll take that one, please.

On my way soon to weekly acu-torture session, but did want to point out that not only is Installation Day the day when Mars is closest to exactness in its conjunction to Uranus, i.e., explosively unpredictable, (Mars at 6°40 and Uranus at 6°44 Taurus) but that the Sun now occupies 0°52 Aquarius, on the exact degree that Jupiter and Saturn occupied on Winter Solstice, the formal beginning of the Aquarian Age, and that, moving one degree per day, the Sun begins illumine Saturn (now at 3°56 Aquarius). Expect that the situation is going to get more and more serious, seemingly finalized, but then, just four days later, the Sun will pass over jubilant Jupiter (now at 7°43 Aquarius). Meaning? You tell me!


Meanwhile, Juan O’Savin now tells Robert David Steele, that “things will clear up by Sunday.” That’s four days from now, in line with Sun passing over Saturn.

And yet here’s another perspective on the drama we are about to undergo: this from a remote viewer. She claims that Biden/Harris will be inaugurated, and that we will go through “nine weeks of hell” until (she counted up the days), March 22 (Spring Equinox), a date she has, she says, been talking about for a long time, and was very excited to see this. It’s in line with Juan O’Savin’s earlier prediction that Biden would be inaugurated on January 20, but that Trump would return to take the reins in March.

She remote viewed a secret location where, she says, Trump has already inaugurated for his second term.

Santa Surfing also talks in a similar way. Seems to me we are going to be going through a period of time when one thing will seem to be happening and another thing is actually happening.



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