January 2021, INSIDE D.C., Day 16: Why 25,000 National Guard troops?!?

Yesterday, Melania officially closed her BE BEST campaign

Question, is this real, or is it more optics..

I see that Trump and family will depart for Mara Lago, on the 20th, before Biden/Kamala are due to be sworn in at noon. Prior to departure, he will hold a closing ceremony to his presidency at Andrews Air Force Base. But will that actually happen?

Assuming it does happen, then why are there 25,000 National Guard troops inside D.C.? Are great joyful crowds expected at Biden’s inauguration? Hell no. He couldn’t even get 30 people to sit in circles on lawns at his “rallies.” Or: are enormous, furious, supposedly violent (if you believe the MSM) pro-Trump “mobs” expected at Biden’s inauguration? Hell no again. Remember, Patriots don’t riot; in fact, of the millions who attended Trump rallies, not one riot . . . On the other hand, Traitors (Deep State/Dems/Antifa, etc.), DO riot. As well as burn down and otherwise decimate small businesses and federal buildings during their many “peaceful protests” last summer.

Furthermore, if Biden/Kamala are due to be inaugurated, but virtually, i.e. with no live audience, then why does D.C. itself resemble a massively fortified war zone? Why so many streets closed? Why the four major bridges from D.C. to Virginia closed? As of yesterday:

Why, at checkpoints, I saw somewhere that people are being forced to say why they are leaving the city (notice, not entering, LEAVING) Hmmm. Not only is the Capital fenced, and it’s more and more apparent, fenced to keep people in rather than not allow people in .

Above all, why the inside-out fencing?

And why the flag gone over the White House? Or is it?

Where are the pics of Trump stuff moving OUT of the White House? Except for a bust of Lincoln being carried under someone’s arm outside, and a pic of a truck unloading folded up boxes, are there others? Show me, please.

Why did Kamala not only NOT resign her U.S,. Senate seat, but re-up her seat on January 3rd? 

I predict (foolish me): Biden will concede beforehand, either due to coming impeachment if he got inaugurated, or to the declass materials, which will lead to his arrest. Am I crazy? I don’t think so. Nothing, absolutely nothing adds up with this scenario we are witnessing today.

Speaking of declass:  Great Meme . . .

Actually, I heard that declass pile on his desk is one foot high. But then, I imagine each and every page could generate its own web of interconnections and evidence inside each and every strata and segment of society worldwide that has been so thoroughly corrupted .

Looks like Nancy and Co. don’t like this idea one bit.

Correction, later, same day: Commenter Rachel Carlson astutely commented that the date of the above is September 18, 2018! Thank you Rachel! And yet, I can imagine Nancy and her cohorts doing exactly the same thing today. Some people never change.

BTW: Charlie Ward yesterday claimed that 95% of congress will be arrested and tried for treason.

Not sure if declass has officially started yet (Potus said he might wait until Monday). In any case, it’s already coming from other directions. Example: REPORT ON BIDEN FAMILY “BUSINESS” WITH UKRAINE. Dig in!


Here’s one version of the reason for the “Military Takeover” and how it means Trump will remain in place as Prez during the interim.. True? What’s the source?

Passionate Truthteller Lin Wood  lays out his version of what’s about to happen.


Psychic Utsava, in a new video (damn, can’t find it!), says the idea that Biden will get into office for a short while, as Juan O’Savin suggested, is nonsense. If she’s right, it makes me think that O’Savin’s report is just more optics, designed to lull the bad guys into thinking they’ve won. (Or did I say this yesterday?)

I think it’s likely that both are right. That, Trump, who has already stepped down with military in place (and him as Commander in Chief) to clean up the bad guys, will return to the White House sometime in March, at which point we will hold new, fraud-proof elections.

Jeff Voorhees, google whistleblower:

“This is the biggest sting operation in the history of the world.”

He outlines the idea that in Trump’s playbook, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the one who makes the last move has the advantage. Trump will make the last move, at the latest possible moment, possibly even just prior to noon on January 20th. In which case, Biden will never occupy the White House.

Joe M, today:


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  1. Rachael Carlson says:

    Many goodies here, but the letter from Pelosi, et al tweeted by Byron York, has a date stamp of 18 Sep 2018.

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