January 2021, GAME ON? Day 17: And . . . CHECKMATE?

Day 17, Q’s day. Hmmmm. . .  As National Guard guards city centers of Democrat-run cities in expectation of today’s planned protests which we Patriots were warned not to join, lest we be led into another so-called “insurrection” and blamed for it — we prepare for, and fend off with meditation, some kind of drastic false flag, planned by the Deep State as it strives to prevent what is surely coming . . .

Last night, in a furious back and forth with a friend who prefers not to be named, this:

Her email was in response to what I had just sent her:

Lin Wood has another version of the same:

I read somewhere else that Biden and Co. are trying to figure out if Trump is bluffing. They’ve already canceled the rehearsal, which was to be held in the Capital. Did they worry  they might not have been allowed to exit? If so, then if they realize he is not bluffing, will Biden concede? That gives me another reason to think he will concede: besides the threat of impeachment on January 21, and the promised declass, there’s the threat of a dramatic, and very very public, arrest.

Because, yep, it looks like the Greatest Sting the World Has Ever Known, will be televised.


P.S. If you’re on twitter, read the threads to both the above tweets. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the time to get on Gab and Telegram yet, but Twitter is still somewhat useful, despite Jack cancelling Trump, Wood, Sidney Powell, and over 70,000 conservative and Q-linked accounts.

Michael Salla, one of the world’s foremost experts on what’s going on in space (see his site, exopolitics.org) tweeted this three days ago. Notice he’s referring to one likely reason for the massive military presence — except that the fence appears to be inside out, holding people in, rather than keeping them out. See yesterday’s post. Notice his remarks on what Potus is likely to do, both to justify arrests and tell us what’s next.

Salla didn’t mention one other twist in the wind of logic, namely the possibiity that Potus is taking, or has already taken, this nation back from what happened in 1871 when, in order to pay off debts, it agreed to become a Corporation under the British crown, rather than continue as an independent Republic. See this, the first few paragraphs:


Even more intriguing to me, the status of D.C. as a city state separate from the rest of this country as of 1871. In other words, without we citizens realizing it, we have been operating under two constitutions, the first a Republic, and the second a Corporation, with the original the one to which Trump is determined to return. Hmmm . . . And there are 30,000 troops now concentrated in D.C. alone as I write this?

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to go back and review what’s been going on to lead us to this critical pivot point in the history of humanity, you might want to watch this set of videos. I have not done so yet, but plan on it. And by the way, the filmmaker has just released the first video of a new series of 17 . . .

Fall of the Cabal (Full Feature 10 Part Documentary)

Unfortunately, the speaker in this next video feels like A.I.. Even so, I tend to agree with everything said.


We all know that the stakes are extremely high in terms of betting on Trump and the alliance to somehow take down the Deep State, all in one feel swoop, on or before Wednesday. Here’s one person’s possibly not even drastic perspective on what would happen if Biden were actually installed. Note that I said installed, not inaugurated.

The Democratic Reign of Terror Has Begun (January 14)

It’s DO OR DIE, folks. Meanwhile, no matter whether we’re Patriots or not, all but a tiny percentage of us still live under the spell of what we have done to separate human beings from the Laws of Nature and instead pledge obedience to the “laws” of outside, artificial, contingent, but deeply entrenched, human-made, “authority.”

Remember Doigenes:

No matter which “King” we prefer, Biden or Trump, we need to realize that all of us are living under a more abstract, but way more powerful and eons-old, human-constructed “authority”: money. Which is why we, inside Green Acres Permaculture Village, are determined to

learn how to live,

as far as possible,


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