January 2021, Deep State v. Trump, Day 19: WHO Called in the National Guard? And WHY?

Note: Got enough sleep last night. Brain unlocked. Back in the saddle, after yesterday’s addled state.

Okay. Reportedly anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 National Guard are now in D.C., from all over the country, busy turning D.C. into a war zone with barbed wire, fences, barricades and check points. How did this happen, WHO’s responsible, and WHY?

Tucker Carlson thinks the Democrats called in the N.G. in order to protect the Biden/Harris installation tomorrow, sending a clear message, he said, “Democrats are now in charge.” Huh? I’m surprised at Tucker. But maybe I shouldn’t be.


Tucker has gone off the rails at least once in the past few months — which is when I stopped watching him — his sneering attitude towards Sidney Powell. Remember that? And Sidney herself, seems to have gone off the rails recently too, given her apparent fury with the President for not having figured out how to stop this fake inauguration soon enough.

My own overall sense of the increasing presence of the National Guard in the D.C. area, is that Trump patiently (and cleverly) waited until the D.C. mayor herself wanted him to call in the National Guard (after the January 6th FF “insurrection”). I and others found this immensely clever, because that meant he was not taking things into his own hands, was NOT acting like a dictator, but instead granting this leftist mayor’s wishes.

Whatever anybody thinks about what is to happen today and tomorrow and beyond, one of the larger perspectives one can take is on the meaning and purpose of this ballooning, puzzling presence of the National Guard.

The leftists think the Guard is there to protect Biden’s installation. People like me think the Guard is there to conduct and/or help secure some sort of an operation that is going to bring down the Deep State once and for all, or at least most of it.

I have been under the strong impression that the National Guard can only be called upon by the President of the United States. Am I correct? It appears so.

And if that’s the case, what to make of Tucker Carlson’s show on the 18th? He must know what the real line of authority is for the National Guard. Doesn’t he? And if he does, is his show one more op designed to make the left think they’re in charge and everything’s going to go according to their plan?

But then, what to make of the way Tucker treated Sidney? And as for Sidney’s recent fury, could it be that she is not in the loop regarding 5D ways of working through this complex situation? That while she may know “the law,” and while Trump has been scrupulously following the law according to the original Constitution (which I’ve always seen as, and I said sometime in November, was his original Trump Card, given that no matter what happens over the next few days, while the left will see whatever happens as Trump being a dictator, it simply won’t be true. And TRUTH, in the end, will have the last word.)

In any case, here I am attempting, once again, to figure things out, which includes trying to understand the motives of various (white hat? black hat? grey hat?) folks as they make their proclamations and lead folks like me to dig in, further and further, into who knows what!

In any case, the presence of humongous numbers of National Guard is a fact that makes EVERYBODY ON EARTH wonder what is going on, unless they happen to have unthinkingly swallowed the left’s version, that those troops are there to protect Biden as he assumes the presidency of the United States.

Here are a few of a number of videos that I’ve watched since yesterday, hand-picked by me, of course. There are plenty of others that will offer any number of perspectives.

I appreciated Simon Parkes update for January 18, especially his empathy for Trump and what he has been dealing with — surrounded continuously by sleeper traitors — ever since he entered the 2016 race for President. Simon reiterates what I’ve been hearing for some time now, that only by waiting until the last possible minute, will enough black hats show their true colors for him to drain the swamp. And as January winds on, it appears that they have! Lots of RINOs we didn’t know about; VP Pence, and so on.

Dr. Charlie Ward, speaking with Robert David Steele, wonders if, after the next three months of interregnum with the military in charge are over, Washington, D.C. will even continue to be the capitol of the restored Republic!

X22 Report: I always watch this daily report, since Dave appears to be so level-headed, while also seeming to pick up on the real — positive — story beneath the appearances.

Then, there’s this: Trump takes over the media at 8 AM tomorrow. Dr. Charlie, for one, says so. True? See stateofthenation.co,

And just saw this, Simon Parkes Update for the 19th. He addresses this question, plus last night’s strange Tucker Carlson segment. Simon says that the media will be given a choice (me: as usual, Trump gives everybody a choice up until the last possible second) to do the right thing. And then when they don’t, he knows for sure who is who). And if they do choose to run whatever the President wants when he wants, it will be a lot easier on them.

Got my popcorn.

And my prayers.




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3 Responses to January 2021, Deep State v. Trump, Day 19: WHO Called in the National Guard? And WHY?

  1. James says:

    One thing to consider – information on all sides is probably highly compartmentalized and those whose statements appear odd or out of place one day may likely be working off an entirely different subset of facts (or disinfo) from someone who makes different statements. We’ll likely never know anything that even approaches ‘the whole truth’ – and yes, it is aggravating as hell….

    And all those National Guardsmen are (like soldiers always are) basically just pawns on the chessboard (field of war). We’re gonna have to wait and see whose pawns they really are. The US Military may sell us (the citizens) & the Constitution out; or they may finally choose to do the right thing and take down all those ‘domestic enemies’ up there in DC. Churchill is claimed to have said: “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” We’ll, we’re finally out of alternatives – so here’s hoping he was right!

    Get out your favorite flavor of popcorn and sit back & watch the drama unfold – it won’t be long now before we find out which way this long running soap opera is gonna go down…

  2. Alan Brooks says:

    40,000 national guard what are they afraid of. If they were so right about everything and they haven’t done anything wrong why would they need 40,000 national guard. President Donald J Trump left the house and said his goodbye to the people of the people that think he was and we’ll be the most remembered president of this country ever.
    Inauguration Joe Biden Kamila Harris and Nancy pelosi and the rest of the despicable spiteful hypocritical unsophisticated Democrats got to watch Joe biden’s inauguration with all 25 people out in front of his little exaggeration. Boo hoo?

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