January 2021 DECLASS! Day 15: TRUTH, in the Age of Aquarius

Here’s a transcript of  Robert David Steele’s interview of Juan O’Savin just prior to January 6, wherein Juan points to the extreme fluidity of this unprecedented moment in human history, where every move the Deep State makes opens up a number of options for the White Hats to counter it. I wondered, in my post yesterday, if Juan O’Savin had already known that Biden will be inaugurated, and if so, why didn’t he tell us? Well, it looks like he likely didn’t know.

On the other hand, I keep wondering if Juan talking like this was designed to lull the arrogant Deep State into thinking they can actually pull off the finale to their massive election fraud so as to catch them off guard.

And I keep wondering too: what if Biden suddenly pulls out of the Inauguration, due to the expected Impeachment papers to be filed on him the day after the Inauguration?

Remember that Biden chose NOT to take government transition money during the time between the Election and the Inauguration; I presume that it was because he was informed (thanks to some E.O. that Trump had put out earlier, can’t remember which one) that he would have to disclose all sorts of financial stuff about his past in order to get the money. BINGO!

Might the same happen here?

Meanwhile, looking at those enormous fences with rolled barbed wire up top that are now surrounding the Capital building, I’m not the only one who wonders, is that fence meant to keep people in or out? If in, then at least this part of Gene Decode’s transmission from a few days ago will be proved correct.

This,  thanks so Trump somehow prompting the Deep State mayor to request them? They are having trouble bivouacing however . . . Weird.

Then there’s Project Veritas, doing a bang up job, as usual!

Turns out this whistleblower has a recording of a conversation between Jack and his underlings, telling them that though they went after RealDonaldTrump first, the purge would not be stopping there. BINGO!

All of which takes us up to this morning when Trump is scheduled to declassify what may be the most important evidence of all. OBAMAGATE! Just in time, of course. In this case, four days from the supposed Inauguration of Pedo Joe Biden. Geez! Does Trump expect the thousands of hardworking independent self-appointed journalists to actually go through this material in time to have its essence communicated to the American people before the scheduled Inauguration?  YES.

Journalism has been fundamentally transformed. No longer operating as a top-down MSM Deep State bullhorn, corralling all the people’s minds, already mind-controlled to beLIEve only outside authority, into a single official narrative; now (and in part thanks to Q’s and Flynn’s efforts to spur us into becoming “digital warriors,” all sorts of folks are digging in for truth, or at least for the truth that they discern from their perspective.

Which reminds me: Just think about it. Both Jupiter and Saturn have now moved into Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius has roared in, with millions of eyes and hearts and souls all weighing in, each equal to the others, to come up with a “narrative” that is no longer just a single linear supposedly causative thread, but a kaleidoscope of perspectives, that at times becomes so interwoven and granular that they don’t so much logically (i.e., linearly) “prove” that something happened in the past, but instead recreates it, mirrors it, into a 3D hologram consisting of time/space parameters constructed by multitudes of videos and screenshots taken by all those phones carried by individuals that happen to have zeroed in on, for example, “the death of Ashli Babbitt.” This event, if the videos and screenshots can be coordinated, i.e., can actually be reconstructed in the virtual realm, will indeed prove that this event, the original that is, did indeed happen and here’s how, because here it is, we’re showing you again.

And notice, all the videos and screenshots taken by individuals, not only equal, but mostly anonymous to one another, and all being prompted internally to figure out what happened, i.e., to arrive at the TRUTH.

I realize it seems like I’m going on and on, here, and why?  Well, because the more eyes and screens on a particular event, the more OBJECTIVE it actually does become! Finally, a way to get an objective, unbiased account of any single event. And yes, that figuring out occurs via a de-centralized group process, i.e., Aquarian!

This is one of those alt-epistemological findings that, frankly, blow my mind!

Here’s an unusual “situation update” by Mike Adams which, rather than fear-mongering, is actually positive. He is looking at the entire seemingly negative scenario he has already identified in a completely new way.


Mike Adams mentions both Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward as people who he is now taking seriously. Here’s their latest.


I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to get out of this hellhole we’ve been in and start reporting the Good News. For example:

Hmmm. . . Impeachment ends early?




Remember: no matter how one attempts to twist data points into one own’s expected/hoped for pattern or gestalt, the TRUTH, if enough eyes, and screens, from enough perspectives, pin point, by coordinating the continuous flow of perspectives from every direction, what the 3D scene was like. It features a hologram constructed with screenshots from all sorts of people, most of whom, usually, do not know each other. We call this amalgamated reconstruction of an extended moment in time, TRUTH.



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5 Responses to January 2021 DECLASS! Day 15: TRUTH, in the Age of Aquarius

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Suggest offering your community to do something like this now:

    This is what I posted on my City Council’s YouTube just this morning:


    I humbly submit the next couple of months will be very disorienting politically, far more than just CV-19.

    I’d like to urge our Mayor to consider special emergency meetings of the city council using this live YouTube format to bring calm in a non-partisan fashion.

    Prepare to hold such meetings using established Emergency CERT protocols, modified to remain partially implemented and applied to help people remain calm. Practice it now because stuff will start happening fast.

    In that regard, some aspects of “honker-down, command bunker” normally actuated by higher authorities in the Catastrophe-Chain-Of-Command, should be modified, as the Catastrophe will likely take unexpected forms not planned for. The face that should dominate this command bunker interface with the public should be our NEW MAYOR. The rest of the city council and bunker emergency communication room staff, should defer to our Mayor. It need not be your time to fill our airways and appear governmental. A steady, dependable hand at the helm, is far more comforting in such times than an array of faces or cold government pronouncements. That means as a government official, our mayor will need to be briefed first thing each day. Encourage the mayor to be the sole face for the public.


    Remember over 85% of the viewers have deep spiritual beliefs that are common among all religions and all people.

    Ask our community churches to be prepared to field a team of ministers, priests, rabbis, imams etc… to provide a short-LIVE-group-calming, unified, invocation at the start and ending of each scheduled short update meeting after the pledge of allegiance. If you are compelled to dispense with the Pledge of Allegiance for reasons I can not immagine, keep the invocations. The invocations only task should be to ask for God’s Grace to come to us in our time of need.

    Schedule daily updates. You will know when to begin doing this live. You won’t need to be requested. Make preparations now. Keep these daily emergency updates short. That means you will need to be briefed by your department heads, directly before each broadcast.

    If YouTube becomes unavailable to you, use other platforms that pledge not to de-platform. Orient towards one dependable face of our mayor. This is different from our Emergency Broadcast System.

    For a more in-depth understanding of why I am suggesting you prepare now with a run through practice on these modified emergency protocols, look into the Nextdoor open group called “Livermore Closer To Truth”. God bless us all.

  2. Teri Gilmore says:

    Hi Ann,

    a friend sent me a link on my cell phone to watch a documentary by Curtis Bowers, It’s called AGENDA. It’s about America being slowly ground down in a communist country it’s been going on as planned by the powers the be for a very long time and it’s coming to a head. I hope you can find it and watch it and share it.
    Love Exopermaculture!

  3. rose day says:

    RE: Soldiers bivouacked (in service) on Capitol floor . . . imagine Congress in similar circumstances.

    It seems that the closest our intrepid leaders have come to the Capitol floor was recently when many did renditions of the low-crawl on January 6, 2021.

    . . . cannot fault them . . . true fear creates all sorts of energetic reactions and many on planet Earth presently appear to be incredibly fear-driven.

    Purposeful creation of fear by controlling forces is as old as dirt and surely ranks as one of the most heinous actions perpetrated against Humanity in ages old dark capture of energy, harvested time after time (sigh) (and for what purpose?)

    Many of ‘The Hill’ lawmakers would ostensibly now know the feeling of lack of power in the face of Raw Stomp and in a future world perhaps we the populace can come together and find the courage to pull back the curtain and rid the world of this dark energy that seems bent on siphoning the energy of Mankind down to the last living entity..

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