January 2021, Day 31: Of extended decodes and sudden stonks . . .

Besides Juan O’Savin, one amazing decoder recognized quite a while ago that Biden would have to get in for a while in order to help awaken the (still?) sleeping masses. That’s the short version.  The long version —


comes thanks to a friend who prefers to remain anonymous. The author is someone formerly known on twitter as

The 1776 Plan

Note that this decoder relies a lot on Q posts and matching them across time and space to events, past, present and future. Those who viscerally still hate Q and/or consider Q a larp, won’t recognize anything in this post as of value!

This decoder is similar to Dave, of the X22 Report, who also relies very much on Q posts, and in the same manner. The 1776 Plan interprets blow by blow details of past, present and future, colored by the decoder sees as their overall thrust and meaning; whereas Dave’s daily X22 Reports usually stick to interpreting mostly current events. Both enjoy an overall perspective that senses an ongoing, positive timeline, in that everything they talk about does make sense and is leading, somehow, to the greater good.

Re: The 1776 Plan decoder, I am interested to learn that I was beginning myself to suspect what he claims, that Biden has been turned, and is playing a role in this 7D chess GAME.

BTW: how could it be any more peculiar, strange, weird, etc. that the possible Black Swan event for hedge funds, indeed possibly even for the entire stock market and banks, i.e., the entire fiat financial system, was triggered by shorting a company called StopGame?!


However, you might want to watch the very latest Clif High video (again, I’m not going to link it, given his insistence on permission. It’s called The Three Amigos, and in it Clif goes over timelines for the near future according to his “predictive linguistics” and notes that there will be another “stonk” (the original meaning of which is “massive artillery attack”). He claimed in his last video (search for “Year Woo”) that the first stonk would take place  January 28 to 30, which turned out to be the David v Goliath Outsider Trading drama, “even bigger, more random, and more successful than Occupy,” as one redditer gloated —  millennials taking on short selling by the billionaire hedge fund “elite” class with spectacular results. Clif predicted those three days as huge.

The next dates to deliver a “stonk,” he claims, begin February 8-11, and go for a number of weeks. At first, it will start out with only insiders knowing about it, and it will make them very worried; and then gradually spread out to affect the general population in a massive way. However, and this is my point, he said that it will have nothing to do with analyzing what’s already happened — i.e., the election and inauguration frauds — but will be something unexpected occurring right now, in the present time.

If he’s correct, then it makes me wonder about the upcoming Trump impeachment trial. Yesterday I saw somewhere that several impeachment attorneys had quit on him, with no reason given. Then today I saw that the entire defense team was gone, because they were unwilling to introduce evidence of voter fraud, rather than concentrate on the constitutionality of impeaching a president no longer in office.

(Aside: some pundits point out (who? can’t remember) that the Democrats insistence on impeaching Trump, even though he’s supposedly no longer president, shows that they know Trump IS actually president . . )

Trump’s apparent need to focus on what happened during and after the election during his impeachment trial makes me think of Clif’s prediction: the coming stonk will have NOTHING to do with what’s already occurred. (Remember, of the 80 cases Trump attorneys set  before various courts, he lost 50 of them; 30 are still pending — and so far not even one judge has allowed evidence to be introduced to the court.) Of course, this appears unfair as hell to anyone who’s been paying attention. However, The 1776 Plan decoder puts this fact in a VERY interesting context. Check it out!

I just searched to see when Trump’s impeachment trial begins . . . aha!  the week of February 8th! — in line with Clif’s prediction, and yet, if Trump has his way, it will focus  on past events? So perhaps NOT the “stonk”.

Oh, but remember Buffalo Horn Guy, his amazing and seemingly zany download from the Navy of long-suppressed ET/UFO, Space Force, free energy, anti-gravity, and other technologies  he says is coming right up? 

Well, he claims he’s pissed at Trump for not offering him a pardon during the January 6th “insurrection,” and says he’s willing to testify against him at his upcoming impeachment trial. I thank reader Marian, who first alerted me to this, along with the comment:  “complication?”


Hmmm . . . I sense that this character is a trickster of the first order. WHO KNOWS what he will gush out during this show trial? A wild card, like Trump.

Might end up as a “stonk” after all.




The 1776 Plan

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5 Responses to January 2021, Day 31: Of extended decodes and sudden stonks . . .

  1. Mia Feroleto says:

    As planets continue to move into Aquarius my sincere hope is that people put aside their left/right urge and commit to the challenging work of bringing our country together to do the necessary work needed to move humanity forward. It’s so easy to get involved in the spin but so much more rewarding building from the ground up the new world that is waiting to be born. Is it possible to find out if something is true before spreading it far and wide? Fact check everything. We do not want to add to the confusion. I certainly do not. Create change in your own life, as Ann is doing with her living community. The impulse of Aquarius has not yet begun in a significant way to influence the planet but it will.

    • Mia Feroleto says:

      Consciousness is the only way out of this mess with each individual taking responsibility for the energy and where it goes. Only then will the health and safety of ALL be really safe and balanced. At that point, we will be unable to take action against another because we will be taking action against ourselves.

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        BINGO. This is why, in context of my own mental peregrinations around “the whole shebang,” I include stories about how I am learning to work with conflict, as well as indicate how we’ve been evolving here in Green Acres Village, literally ON THE GROUND, ever since I took the permaculture course way back in 2005-6. At the heart of everything is how do we begin to live as truly unique and expressive individuuals in cooperation others in community? If there ever was an Aquarian Age goal, this is it! And the secret to success, it seems to me, is constantly working to take back and integrate projection, whenever and wherever they occur. This involves taking my own temperature, constantly! Where am I “going off” into judgment? Notice that feature I “hate” in another as mirroring a hidden (denied, repressed) part of myself. Likewise, where am I “jealous” of another? That person is likewise mirroring a hidden part of myself. On and on. Working with the light of awareness, through relationship with others, to face, embrace, and erase, via integration, the hidden, AND EXTREMELY FERTILE!soil within ourselves we call the “shadow.” So thank you!

      • Ann Kreilkamp says:

        Yes. Hard to believe now, but at some point this will become obvious. Hopefully, I will even get glimmers of it in MY lifetime.

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