January, 2021, Day 30: Reflections on the value of honesty, with Dr. Charlie Ward as a sterling example

This is the first time I’ve seen a relatively unknown interviewer, Danny Karma, show himself to be Charlie’s equal in the way his own digging into what is or may really going on has reconfigured the whole world in his mind: what was, what is, and what will be. (Usually I quickly grow impatient with interviewers, wanting them to stop talking and just give the floor to Charlie).

I pretty much agree with everything both of them had to say. Does this mean I’m brainwashed? Indoctrinated? Again?  Perhaps. Only time will tell.

BTW: one item that perked up my ears, because I hadn’t yet considered it, was Danny Karma’s remark that “Joe Biden is Trump’s Trump card — The Joker.” That Biden has to do Trump’s bidding, signing all those fake, blank EOs in the fake, staged White House, whereas, as they both remarked, the real White House is “closed permanently.” Apparently, it has remained dark (and deserted?) ever since the “inauguration” on the 20th, ten days ago. Hmmm . . . Q’s remark “Ten Days of Darkness.” . . . And if so, what comes next?

What makes me trust Charlie so much now, especially, is that on a program with Nicholas Veniamin yesterday,  he started out by saying that some information he put out earlier — and went viral as part of the proof that the “inauguration” was  faked, staged,  not real, etc.— that he had received a video in Spain of the inauguration ten hours before it took place,  WAS NOT TRUE!

I was stunned. Huh? Why? What do you mean?

He went on to announce that he has now discovered that the video he saw ten hours early was that of Biden’s Inauguration as Vice-President to Obama. He then simply commented that whoever sent it to him must have been playing with him.

When Charlie admitted this faux pax, this mistake on his part, he did it without apology, without red-faced guilt, nothing like that. Just that he was mistaken! He then went on to note how that mistake had prompted a lot of people to search all sorts of things, to dig deeper into what is really going on— in other words, his mistake functioned to help wake people up! Which, he said, is the point of all the researched info and intel he and other truth-tellers have been sharing anyhow.

I really liked both his easy admission of his mistake, and his happiness that the mistake actually had a productive outcome. “Just remember,” he cconcluded, “I’m just Charlie. I can make mistakes just like anybody else, as we all keep searching for the Truth.”

To repeat: my own trust in Charlie, the character of this man, went way up, when I heard and saw him announce that he had made a significant mistake.

In my own life, I tell anyone who wants to befriend me that I won’t be able to truly trust them until they can tell me when I am going “off,” when my own shadow is showing, through projection. Without that, how can I trust anyone? I have no time for “yes men” (or women) in my life.

I remember an occasion early on here in Green Acres Village, when several female podmates said they wanted to talk to me. I agreed, okay. When they walked in the room, I noticed that they all looked sheepish, scared, and yet determined . . . “What’s up?” I asked. Their nervy spokesperson then told me I was wrong about something, or kidding myself about something — and proceeded to tell me why. I listened  to the explanation intently, while noticing that they were bracing themselves for my reaction, my defence . . .

Instead, I lit up, joyous. “Thank you!”

Which of course, shocked them all. Until I told them I don’t trust anyone until they can point to my own shadow operating. That how else am I to learn about this hidden part of myself that operates often without me recognizing its corrosive effects on others? How else, except through relationships, are we to learn about our full, whole, dark/light, selves?

From then on, I knew I could trust them as friends, and said so.

Two memorable quotes/notes from this video:

Not only is the US Corporation established in 1871 now bankrupt, and dissolved, but so are the Corporations known as Spain, Holland and England.

When Danny talked about the ghastly transhumanist implications of the rDNA vaccines, Charlie commented, wryly: “It’s safer to have sex in Africa than to have a vaccine!”

BTW: the local paper sometimes asks a question that invites readers to respond with short answers or paragraphs, their comments taking up most of a page. Usually I can predict the great preponderance of answers, since Bloomington is a leftist academic town where it seems like just about everybody has been indoctrinated in that direction. All but one, that is. I always look for that one person (with whom I am acquainted), because he speaks sense, truth, amidst the sheeple sea.

Yesterday’s question asked readers to tell us if they were going to get the vaccine. And of course, as I scrolled through the answers (all “yes” and “yes of course” and “I already got the first dose” and “my appointment is tomorrow!”), I looked for my acquaintance, assuming he would stand out, as usual . . .


My champion went along with it, saying that though he thinks CV-19 has been overblown, he would distinguish between taking the test, and the vaccine itself. And that yes, he would be getting the vaccine. Stunned by his reply, I quickly realized why: this man travels the world continually. That is his life. He knows what’s likely coming, a “Certificate of Vaccination” in order to get on a plane. Okay, I get it. But I would much prefer if he had said that this is the reason why he’s going to bow down.

Needless to say, I was immensely disappointed. What does it take to stay in one’s authenticity in today’s fake world. Or even better, what do you have to give up, in order to stay sane?

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2 Responses to January, 2021, Day 30: Reflections on the value of honesty, with Dr. Charlie Ward as a sterling example

  1. Lee says:

    Ann, I cannot get over folks saying Biden signed blank Executive Orders- a short search will reveal details- https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/politics/joe-biden-executive-orders-first-week/index.html

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Have any of these EOs gone into the official Registry? I don’t know. They did not at least for the first three days. I would like to see one of these EOs up close, since they look entirely blank when the camera views him signing them, with barely a glance at each one. Plus, in one case, the audio picked up him muttering, “I don’t know what I’m signing.” Also, I hear that Biden must be ambidextrous, since he signs with either hand. Nor does he hold up any of them, signed, to be viewed. Plus, he sits in the “Oval Office” that looks much more like the set of West Wing than the one Trump sat in. At one point, the camera showed a car parked outside one of the windows! Obviously not the real Oval Office. Put that together with the White House being dark every night since the election (I think, that’s what I’ve been told), one begins to wonder just what is going on, no?

      I continue to feel that this entire election/inauguration and what’s happened since is a sham, though just what is what is up for discernment. Have not looked at CNN for literally decades, except for glances during airport stops, and I hear CNN’s domination of airports will discontinue March 1. GOOD!

      P.S. I love you, Lee!

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