January 2021, Day 28: On This Full Moon Sun Jupiter Leo/Aquarius Day . . . How’s this for a Sermon on My Sagittarian Mount?


As a fiery, philosophical, triple Sagittarian (Sun/Ascendant, and Mars hidden behind in the 12th house), it’s very difficult for me not to continuously climb on my “high horse” and lead the way up the mountain to say, hey folks, look at this! Let’s go! — as the terrain below spreads to the far horizon with people down below scurrying around, masked, heads down, staring at screens and moving stuff around.

Just so you know, despite the “airy imaginings” of the videos in yesterday’s post, like those scurrying around, I too, thanks to my Taurus Moon, am very focused on Earth, on the divine Soul of the Earth and how she teaches us to reconnect with our own divine bodies as our own divine souls’ personal portions of her conscious mysterious, highly integrated self that that, remember, is also integrated with  the infinite conscious cosmos she is embedded within.

Above and Below. Always. Not just one and not just the other. Just like every two poles that seem to contradict each other, telling us to say yes to one and no to the other. Rather, as Einstein once said.


Here in Bloomington Indiana, on this Jupiter/Sun morning, after weeks of grey gloom, we woke up to the beautiful sun  shining in a chemtrail-free brilliant blue sky over a brand new two-inch layer of brilliant white snow.

Meanwhile, a few notes on the videos and my commentary in yesterday’s post.

First of all, I consider the intel given by the Buffalo Horn Guy likely very real (since it dovetails with my years of research). I also consider him to have been chosen (or who chose himself to act) as The silly Fool who can put it out there first, without consequence. A more serious display would have been immediately blocked.

This role of The Fool I remember very well, since I had to play it to get along with my own immediate family in years past. The more I treated myself and my own ideas about life as a “joke,” the more willing were they to be “entertained.”

And secondly, while I yesterday called the five people who spoke with Robert David Steele “beautiful men,” please do realize that I’m not a fool who believes absolutely everything anyone says, including myself! Especially myself! It well may be that all six of these folks are being used as “controlled opposition,” by the deep state. And/or, and this I think  likely, it may be that (as successors to Q) they are all being used by the good guys  to help calm the populace down during a time when it looks more and more like there’s been a military takeover of the USG, including a barbed fence around the entire perimeter of D.C.! — into what may end up as a permanent locked down police state where our free speech is censored on the internet, or even jailed! Yes, not only can we not gather, but we can’t even see each other’s faces, much less easily hear what each other is saying inside our muffle masks. And wow, now Fauci tells us that two masks are better than one! Oh wow, then 20 masks are even better? Meanwhile, the WHO now says we no longer have to wear masks . . .

Oh yes! up is down, good is bad, in is out. Opposites clash, and meanwhile, whatever the MSM says, we’re learning to assume the opposite is true.

It may be that these six, and others, including Santa Surfing, Lin Wood, Juan O’Savin, gene decode, David Wilcock, X22 Report, SGT Report, and even Mike Adams, who however seems to shift mercurially between “optimism” and pessimism — are all being “used” in the same way, to help people navigate, at least in their minds, this strange, mysterious, unprecedented course we are on where though we “hope” we know the destination (Biden out; Trump back in), we do need to realize that even “hope” is a subset of FEAR that the bad guys use to take control of us. Why is “hope” a subset of FEAR? Because, inside, it fears that the “hoped for” future will not take place. (I thank David Wilcock for that observation in last night’s video.)

Witness all those who were so horrifically let down by the Election Steal, and associated dates, the “electoral count” on January 6 and the “inauguration” on January 20th. Yep, we’ve got the puppet “president” in the fake White House, sitting there signing blank EOs like there’s no tomorrow! And, we secretly fear, there may be no tomorrow if his deep state handlers succeed in undoing everything Trump was doing to reposition both the U.S. and the whole world for NO MORE WAR.

Okay, so fuck hope! For hope is tied to expectation — that the world will be glorious, but only IF such and such comes true. Meanwhile, we sit there, with popcorn, waiting, waiting, waiting . . .


Okay, here’s the preachy Sagittariaan high horse act . . .

Remember, the only way forward, no matter what happens outside, is to go inside, recognize your own soul’s unique expression and calling;  and then, without fear, do that, be the Fool, jump off the cliff into the waiting arms of larger dimensions that hold this entire 3D drama in place, for the purpose, as usual, of offering critical choices to human souls who, prior to birth, chose to embed themselves in material and emotional bodies here on earth for the purpose of learning about desire, and about how free will operates, including the karmic consequences of taking the low road and the dharmic consequences of taking the high road. Period! That’s it! Nobody and no thing “on the outside” has “authority” over any of us. We are not victims; we are each of us sovereign, and responsible for our lives.

Those like me who have lived with, and learned to enjoy, taking risks recognize full well how the universe bends to embrace the Fool who follows his or her own soul’s passion, no matter what; how the usual 3D space/time manifold loosens and morphs to magically attract and bring to bear non-material realms that not just help us, but guide us in subtle ways — synchronicities anyone? — to move in the direction our strong intention has set in motion. What has this to do with hope? With expectation?

With waiting around for things to “get better”?


As each of us does our part, takes our part, feet firmly planted on this good Earth, our own Leo self expressing fully, no matter what, together we become that Aquarian group of equals, cooperating to bring in the new 2000 year Age of Aquarius and rise to heights of the Above never before seen or even imagined.

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