January 2021, Day 27: Jupiter/Sun/Moon, coming right up! From Insurrection to Resurrection

Coming right up, the exact to the minute 9°22 Aquarius conjunction at 8:34 pm EST, on January 28, set for Washington, D.C..


AND, divine timing decreed that this conjunction would, just over six hours later, follow the 2:20 PM 9°06 Full Moon in Leo.

In the above Full Moon chart, the Jupiter/Sun/Moon combination, in a stellium with Saturn (still close behind at 4° Aquarius), just “happens” to also be in a very strong T-cross, with the focus on explosive Mars/Uranus in Taurus at the Full Moon’s opposition midpoint, thus forming two 90° squares with the two ends of the conjunction/opposition. Think of a T-cross as a bow, its arrow at the midpoint, set to be shot into the opposite sign, which, in this case, is Scorpio. Power-hungry Scorpio. Power-over or power-from-within Scorpio. Death and Rebirth Scorpio. Full on aliveness Scorpio. Plus, this is a fixed sign T-Cross, combining Leo’s full-on personal expression with Aquarian, cooperative, group consciousness where everyone is equal. So . . . whatever this is about, it’s likely to both open our hearts (Leo) and illuminate a decided expansion of awareness that will blow our socks off (Mars/Uranus in Taurus) and cause a massive disruption in the deeply entrenched deep state power players’ status quo (Scorpio) that believes in, and creates scarcity, for all but the 1%..

And you know what? I think I might know what this T-cross refers to . . .

Oh, but wait! Notice another combo in the strong  four planet stellium? Yes, that’s Venus, conjunct Pluto, exact tomorrow at  25° Capricorn. Wow, the deep state Pluto loves (Venus) to hold on to whatever it considers valuable: globalist “Great Reset,” NWO total control,  child sex trafficking as hugely profitable business for blackmail . . .

Okay, now for the personal backstory.

I have been in a decided funk for the past five days or so, feeling flat, mildly depressed, despite my daily exercise routine that usually works to instantly eliminate any bad mood. This time my usual remedy wasn’t working. I attributed this flatness, though subtle, to the strong Sun/Saturn combination, especially since it (and the entire four planet array with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto/Venus, opposes my own natal Jupiter/Pluto combination in late Cancer and early Leo, 

Okay, then,  last night I experienced a sudden switch in mood. What energized me? This video: Truly, it blew my mind. And that it would be coming from our recently famous Buffalo Horned Man at the Inauguration/Insurrection event on the 20th! Watch it. He says he’s a (former?) Navy Seal supersoldier from the Navy, authorized now to give us the intel we need for us to red-pill even our normies friends and family, since, rather than being about the awful stuff (tunnels with tortured and raped and murdered children in them, etc. — what person in the right mind would want to hear about that? — except those of us who must remain open to both shadow and light, knowing that we need to know just what we are dealing with, if we wish to transform it). So yes, the most unlikely figure in the world, Buffalo Horn Guy, released the GOOD NEWS! NOW! Three patents held by the Navy which they instructed him to put into the public eye: three patents held by the Navy which will transform life on Earth, so that we may move from the deep state’s manufactured chronic scarcity to continuous abundance as we both allow nature to heal herself from our transgressions and expand to become cosmic citizens.

Kerry Cassidy put this video up on her site, which is where I found it, and it blew her mind too. BTW: he tells us dressed up that way on the 20th in order to draw attention to himself, which he would then use later (now) to broadcast the Good News.


Anybody who has been following UFO, ET and space news, Space Force, Secret Space project news, etc., will of course rejoice. Also, all who love planet Earth can also rejoice, since, once free energy gets up to speed (so to speak), we will no longer need to rape the earth for her resources or poison her with our effuvia just to create energy to move stuff around.

As DJT has remarked, over and over again, and Q repeated: THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

I look upon this divine timing of the Jupiter/Sun/Moon combo in T-cross with Mars/Uranus, and I realize that those who are talking about God — and have you noticed, there are there are now millions of those who call themselves patriots who bring “Him” in regularly to punctuate what they are surmising about what is happening — I sense that they are using the word “God” as a touchstone for their mental expansion beyond this 3D world into higher dimensions where, as anyone who has had had paranormal experiences, can attest, do exist.

For example, have you had a strange near-death experience, when your car, at high speed, should have hit the obstacle in front of it, but somehow, the usual Newtonian laws of time and space warped in the nano-seconds before impact, and saved your life. Yes, unless we are determined to forget the experience — so “uncanny” and “out of the ordinary does it seem” — we know this experience was real, and that it partook, somehow, in the divine.  We know our guardian angel, or some eye in the sky, or the soul that is always in touch with these larger domains, saved us. That we were not supposed to die that day.

How many of us who drive cars have not had that experience, at least once?

I mention this because, ratrher than judge them as having a child’s notion of God as Big Daddy in the sky holding you hand, IF you are obedient (my Catholic indoctrination as a child), I finally noticed that the people who, more and more, are going on and on about God are actually thinking the way I am living and experiencing life! As if I am divinely guided always! I just don’t use the word “God”! Well, Ann, just remember the actual living experiences their language refers to,  then you won’t be so annoyed!

Okay. Okay now to the point. I’ve been watching lots of videos by Juan O’Savin, and invariably he brings in the notion that some kind of divine intervention is going to have to take place “for all the parts to fall into place” and the fake “president” Biden be replaced by the legitimate winner (80% to 20%!) Donald J. Trump. Many people interpret this remark as indicting hopelessness. And my own interpretation began that way, but then quickly morphed into my need to re-imagine what he was saying in line with how I live my life! For truly, there has not been one single second when I did not know, with every fiber in my being, that “I am with you always,” as a soft voice whispered in my left ear, just prior to being nearly engulfed by an enormous rogue wave on a beach in California. Yet I didn’t fall. Nor was I carried out to sea. The voice had, in its own way, warned me what would happen, and told me not to worry!

Okay, that’s how I interpret Juan O’Savin’s admonitions now. He is saying that just as an individual must get in touch with God, must touch back into Source, so that he or she returns to having and operating with a moral compass throughout life, so must an entire nation do the same. As well as the entire world! That the long-entrenched, cancerous corruption which has nearly engulfed our Republic can and must be transformed; and that prayer is needed. This expansion of awareness, this Jupiterian enlargement of perspective (Jupiter rules world-views, religion, philosophy) must occur, in order for us to succeed in our unprecedented gargantuan endeavor to right what has been wrong for so many decades, centuries, even millennia!

Okay. Now let’s return to what I’ve been looking at lately. Here are two more videos. This first one shifted my mood even further into lightness, seeing all these beautiful men whose work I follow, to some extent: with only five minutes each, thanks to the master of brevity, Robert David Steele, they offer a quick, precise kaleidoscope of perspectives which all zone in on the same evolving reality that I and many many others, are sensing in our bones.

This other is a wonderful Jupiterian video in itself, leaves me expanded AF!





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4 Responses to January 2021, Day 27: Jupiter/Sun/Moon, coming right up! From Insurrection to Resurrection

  1. Rachael Carlson says:

    Wow! The Robert David Steele-moderated conversation left me actually whooping at the end. I don’t think there was new news here, but hearing these five voices all pointing to the same….dare I say ‘truth’….has such power and resonance and, above all, hopefulness. May it all be so!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed. It was the first Robert David Steele interview where it didn’t feel like he was rude. Probably because they all know his m.o. by now, and as Simon said, “we have to work!” (something like that), and I saw it as a kind of grudging apology, since he obviously thought RDS was rude earlier, from his grimace when he talked about them.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Very interesting. However, I have a feeling this guy is a trickster, so who knows what this will bring! Thanks for calling it to my attention.

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