James Corbett, on what’s missing from Jeremy Scahill’s “Dirty Wars” documentary

I haven’t seen the new, highly acclaimed “Dirty Wars” documentary yet, but am curious that James Corbett has a decidedly jaundiced view of it. From this short segment, it just looks mostly like Corbett doesn’t like either the slick look of the movie or Scahill’s apparent love of his new celebrity status. But I’m sure Corbett will have a more substantial critique, so damn! I’ll have to watch both the documentary and Corbett’s whole biolingfrogsreport as well. When? Today I’m going to one of three “Imagine Bloomington” workshops put on by the Sustainability Department of the city gov. And there’s the whole permacultural thinking process — that now involves four or five people — all working to fuse these two adjacent homes into one design . . . Then, of course, this blog, which yes, does feel somewhat addictive, and certainly fun, and what I’m personally geared for in our run-up into a still-in-the-ethers and deeply, beautifully imagined transformed future.

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