J.P. Sears: Panic or Purpose? And Poop . . .

Usually, J.P. Sears is funny. This time he’s serious. And I like very much his suggestion. In fact, over the past week or so my own “purpose” got derailed, and just today I decided to hell with this seemingly endless Twilight Zone, I’m going back to work on my Recapitulation Project: gathering, archiving, and sharing my written work of the last 50 years. Still working on both an Excel sheet to keep track of it all (over 300 entries so far), plus I just typed up an article published in the Boise Statesman back in 1983, entitled “My Very First Public Hearing.” The subject of the hearing was a Plutonium Breeder Reactor they wanted to build out at the INEEL. (Then called the INEL, for Idaho National Engineering Laboratory; they added another E, for “environmental,” a few years later).

The subject of nukes and their poisoning of the environment is always with us. This so-called “pandemic” will not be. Let’s keep things in perspective! But JP is right, Purpose Trumps Panic.

That’s not to say that J.P. doesn’t find ways to make his own kind of humorous hay during this toilet paper apocalypse . . .

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