ISIS and Blackwater (aka Academi), American Mercenaries?

Or actually, I shouldn’t say “American Mercenaries” because if ISIS and Blackwater are both corporations (check out ISIS annual report), then they’re most likely transnational, or rather beyond any nation, serving strictly themselves and the god of mammon.

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I saw the precisely titled Fulford post yesterday —

Is ISIS A Crisis or Some Kind of Inside Joke?

— and was going to post at least an excerpt, especially after also seeing a rumor the day before that ISIS is actually an American company.

I’ve also been following the mercenary activities of that nasty American firm, Blackwater, aka Academi, for example, the latest:

Blackwater Quashed Investigation by Threatening to Kill State Department Employees

Reader Rose, in an email early this morning, tied these two stories together for me. Thanks!


“Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”…

‘ISIS’ is a private military contractor providing mercenary services with offices mainly in the Middle East and also in the United States.

Services provided by such contractors include ‘role playing’, ‘exercise and evaluations’, ‘human intelligence’, ‘special operations’, and unmanned aircraft systems to name a few…(Ben Fulford, July 1, 2014)

(‘Blackwater’)( ‘Xe’) now ‘Academi’ is a private military contractor (founded in the United States by Erik Prince) providing similar services with offices worldwide.

World-wide Powers that Be have taken the ‘war games’ paradigm to an entirely new level as these companies answer to no one and provide services to the highest bidder.





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6 Responses to ISIS and Blackwater (aka Academi), American Mercenaries?

  1. bumpercrop says:

    In every photograph I have seen of ISIS, the majority of their faces are covered. Why is this?
    I have the suspicion that some of their faces might have fair skin, as these psychopaths are mercenaries. Why has Israel not been up in arms, as ISIS claims to be desirable of taking control of the Levant? The Levant is an area in the middle east that includes Israel. And why isn’t the US aggressively addressing ISIS as they normally would? Because both Israel and the United States are the master mind behind this charade of evil, that is why.
    The cabal is completely insane now, and getting more desperate in efforts to control the planet.
    But the cabal will stand down when enough of us are awakened. Please read this article in its entirety. Also, the videos are important.
    I have lately been reading that the archons amongst us, can not maintain power if
    the people refuse to abide. And that those who speak the truth are actually protected.
    This is a very uplifting article. I am glad to find these veterans, who have actually faced
    war, are standing up and being true warriors of the highest order. Thanks Ann.

    • BIGFOOT says:

      Ha! You noticed too? America is claiming that ISIS is “more than anything they have ever encountered” Hmm, and they still have no strategy?

  2. laurabruno says:

    I also just heard about the ISIS mobile payment system, too:

    One more step towards a cashless society, and, gee, ISIS again? They are pushing this agenda, but inertia (IS) works both ways. If enough momentum builds towards awakening, then they won’t be able to stop it. They are trying so hard to “freeze” (IS/”ice”) their plans. Warm hearts melt ice. An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by a strength “they” no longer have, and maybe never did.

  3. Lisa Taylor says:

    ISIS is terrifying not because they are Jihadis but because they are paid mercenaries. I don’t think this should be legal but apparently a blind eye was turned by someone and now we have a huge problem in the world. These people will kill anyone for the right price including their own citizens in the military. Anytime any terror activity happens its blamed on Muslims or the conspiracy theories start about the Israeli Mossad. I think what we are seeing is corporations and banks paying mercenaries huge dollars to do the unthinkable. Scary but the US media as usual says nothing,


    To bompercrop, You said, “I have lately been reading that the archons amongst us, can not maintain power if the people refuse to abide.

    I only wanted to make a slight adjustment to that comment. TPTB can only maintain power as long as they are in control of the collective mind of the public, and if the collective mind begins to believe otherwise, they will need to commit as many acts of Terror as it takes to regain control of that collective mind. That is why it is best to remain anonymous, for if you begin to influence the collective mind of the people with the truth, TPTB will remove you, and if they can’t remove you, they will concentrate on discrediting you…

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