Is the Supreme Court about to eviscerate the Deep State?

Like many of my alt-media peers, I was informed early on that Sorcha Faal of peddles some kind of disinfo. Even so, I sometimes read posts put out by this source. Here’s one that raised my eyebrows. Are the historical references correct? If so, it will be interesting to see what the fallout actually turns out to be:

World Braces As United States Supreme Court Marches Socialist “Deep State” to the Guillotine

More and more I prefer cartoons and memes to long-winded explanations. Partly because, what we’re dealing with is just so huge, layered, and complex. After all it’s a bureaucracy we’re talking about. The federal bureaucracy.

It’s well to remember that any bureaucracy tends to expand over time, as competitive players within it seek to enlarge their territory (new programs, new underlings) all the while angling for an even higher position in the hierarchy.

Socialism loves bureaucracy. How else to (pretend to) cover messy, mysterious, magical reality with human-made visible and invisible structures of centralized state control?

Here’s a detailed update on Supreme Court arguments yesterday. The stakes are enormous and the outcome is unclear.





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