Is the long promised FAKE ALIEN ATTACK coming right up?

Watch this old Carol Rosin clip, from 1:45 for about 30 seconds. First Russians, then terrorists, then rogue states, then asteroids, then FAKE ALIEN INVASION. “And all of it,” Von Braun told her, “is a lie.”

The focus was on what they would do to ensure weaponization of space. Now we say that the focus is to bring in the New World Order. But of course, globalism couldn’t be policed unless they do have command of the entire earth from space, so yes, weapons in space.

That was in 1974. A few years ago, we began to hear more about “the alien threat” — always identified as a “threat,” notice. Also, more and more, we see, for example, tik tok type clips of supposed UFOs interacting with American military ships.

Tucker has been weighing in on “the alien presence” often, apparently: just search <Tucker aliens> on duck duck go.

I hear from all sorts of sources that June is the month we will find out. Why then?Because it was included in Trump’s December omnibus spending bill last December.

But of course, we should recognize that, first of all, whatever “they” release is likely to be some kind of “limited hang-out.” Just a taste, designed to divert and confuse, and of course, to instill F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) even more deeply into the trembling hearts of those who are still confused by why the CDC says its okay (IF you’re vaccinated) to now remove masks. (Oh, and besides, the CDC now admits, only 5% (or 6%?) of those who they said “died from Covid” did actually die from Covid. The others died with Covid, exhibiting co-morbidities, including obesity, and/or they were elderly.)

We need to realize that confusion is part of the long con game. Keep people who have lost the use of their brains confused enough, that they will give up and beg to be told what and how to think and act.

Glad to see that not everyone is going along with the game plan.

The above is included in a longer thread:

All the above is prelude to the two references I present next. First, a Kerry Cassidy video, in tribute to a Mark McCandlish, a ufologist who was just suicided, via a shotgun to the head, only days prior to being due to speak in front of some kind of congressional committee. BTW: McCandlish said that fully 85% of all supposed UFO vehicles are actually ours (having been back-engineered from fallen alien craft) and 15% theirs. Which, if true, puts Kerry’s view on the coming false flag alien attack in a very different perspective than that intended by the perpetrators.  Listen especially to the last 50 minutes of this video for her view of the situation.

Next, thanks to old friend Carol Rosin, I received via email a video by Steven Greer which also references what’s about to unfold.

The question is no longer “are some aliens good and some bad?” (Greer and Rosin assume they’re all good, which seems to be a minority opinion among ufologists). The question now is how “realistic” will the bad humans make the coming so-called “alien attack”?

In other words, will they be able to “pull it off?” the way Orson Welles did with his radio show, War of the Worlds? That was an experiment that succeeded. Will this one be? Can they  “pull the wool over the sheeple’s eyes” enough to cause them to freeze in F.E.A.R.? Remember, the bad guys only have a few more years to succeed in corralling all humans into their long planned, eagerly awaited New World Order. When Trump got elected in 2016 it threw their schedule off. So, now that The Big Lie Biden is “in power,” they’re running like mad to catch up with where they left off. 2021 is here now. 2030 is just around the corner. Globalism, or die! In fact, globalism, and (YOU) die!

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2 Responses to Is the long promised FAKE ALIEN ATTACK coming right up?

  1. Kim says:

    Won’t the “woke” be shocked when they realize the nefarious aliens they so dutifully keep an eye out for in our skies already infiltrated us thousands of years ago?! They’re already here! Any aliens that show up now aren’t the enemy but are in fact here to help us remove the nefarious ones whom have owned us for centuries. Beyond bizarre times we live in but despite that I am grateful I can see Truth. ✨♥️✨

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    There seems to be reasonably strong evidence that our DNA is highly prized by a fair number of alien species. The Galactic Federation Council of Nine are being channeled by more and more people bearing the message that invasion level Lucifarian beings are being blocked from entering Earth realm and our solar system. They all keep reporting similar things, keep gratitude, resist with compassion, forgive, and project love.

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