Is Q the Oracle? A short meditation on Time and Space

Q’s prolific return yesterday — eleven drops in eight hours — ended with this one

— a delicious announcement for anyone who has been both following Q and the excruciatingly slow process of both preparing the heretofore brainwashed public and getting all legal ducks in a row for indictments to begin.

This morning I noticed a twitter thread by Praying Medic (a Q decoder) —

— which included this hilarity.

That scene made me think further: Last Sunday I attended Wagner’s four hour-long, magnificently sung, performed and staged opera Parsifal at Indiana University. Afterwards, walking home, only two words came up to describe my response: “mesmerizing immersion.”

I feel the same about the Q material. And I do think that my response to both has much to do with how both play with how 3D Time dissolves into Space.

In the production notes for the opera: “Near the midpoint of Act I, the elder Grail Knight Gurnemanz addresses Parsifal, the pure fool: “You see, my son, that here time turns to space.” . .  Drama and music are defined by their unfolding through time, and by uniting them, Wagner attempts to create a new kind of aesthetic space for the contemplation of philosophical ideas.”

Thus so here, too. Q’s “time turns to space” is shown through what are called Q proofs, which take the form of exactly and uncannily linking past, present and future Q drops.

Questions:  What, in this 3D world, IS Time? And furthermore: what, really, IS free will? Re: “the indictments” — reportedly 136,000 of them so far: how hungry is everybody for the perps to go to jail or be executed? Are not some of these poor (not pure) fools longing to be free of their blackmail burden? What if forgiveness could be included in the roster of alternatives to what happens next?

Forgiveness for deeds performed by the evil aspect within all of us, when genuine contrition is present, was also a theme within Parsifal. For me, the synchronicity between Q coming into view again on Monday, and my internal guidance to attend Sunday’s performance of Parsifal (rare for me, to sit still, immobilized into riveted attention) was another “proof” of how Time does, in-deed, turn to Space.


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3 Responses to Is Q the Oracle? A short meditation on Time and Space

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    “What if forgiveness could be included in the roster of alternatives to what happens next?”

    I created a Peace Pole at my office out of an old tree stump. The stump shelters a baseball size toad. My hokey art work reads “WE ARE WORLD PEACE” instead of the other hopeful prayer usually found on Peace Poles, “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH”

    The difference is to speak to the Universe in the language of Now.

    My peace pole activates in partnership with you. It functions by giving you back what you send into universal consciousness.

    Forgiveness NOW, placed into action from your heart returns more of the same back to you.

    The young man Aarron Abke labels this notion, the Law of Reflection, the universe is a mirror, a perfect reflection of you…

    “Be the change you want to see”

  2. rose day says:

    Thanks Ann for including the “F” word in tandem with thoughts on how the masses may react to what could possibly be among the worst accounts of In-humanity.

    Forgiveness seems a mighty force and is proffered as a means toward alleviating the searing pain of Betrayal, be it physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. As such, for-‘giving’ will never become trivial in the medicine bag of pain relief because true forgiveness can be difficult to manage.

    Thankfully, difficult does not imply impossible.

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