Is our addiction to “stuff” dissolving?

Just in time, if so! Or maybe just in time. It may also be too late, given the planetary wealth of various kinds we have already sucked or excavated out of her suffering belly, arteries and skin.

If having more no longer satisifies us, perhaps we’ve reached “Peak Stuff”

Woody Harrelson counsels the rest of us, who are still clinging to our stuff, to also let go, or at least of certain kinds of stuff, that which is toxic or wasteful. Admonishes us to exert our “buying power” to turn the mighty corporatocracy in the direction we choose.

Well, that’s all very well and good. However, even though it’s now cool to “simplify,” to “downsize,” to become “minimalist,” there’s also the reality that fully 20% of even the perpetually greedy American public can no longer afford to buy stuff beyond basic necessities.

26 Million Americans Are Now Too Poor to Shop Study Finds

As for those who can still afford to shop, well, more and more, they are switching from “stuff” to “experiences.”

Americans Don’t Like to Buy “Stuff” Anymore — and That’s A Problem

And that’s a problem, not for the finite planet, but for the entire advertising-driven, capitalist consumer “economy” (read “ego-conomy”) that has to keep growing or die, and does so by poking us to want more and more stuff to to prop up our (otherwise falling?) sense of self-worth.

So maybe yes, we are letting go of stuff. And maybe, hopefully, it is just in time for the planet. As our fixation on “material” goods dissolves, will spiritual (ethical) goods and goals rise in value? Will we begin to reconnect with each other and our planetary home? What a blessing, if so. Hallelujah!

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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Woody has good advice. These articles are hopeful. TKU

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