Is Martian Moon Phobos Artificial?

I found this article this morning on beforeitsnews. Since there is no mention of just when the “prestigious European Space Agency declared the mysterious Martian moon Phobos to be artificial,” I googled this phrase. Got nothing current. Then I clicked on the Geophysical Research Papers url that was given in the article. It took me to their website, but could detect nothing on Phobos. So it makes me wonder just when this news was news? And is there any corroboration?

I did notice that in 2010 both David Wilcock and a commentator on David Icke’s website speculated that Phobos is artificial, and the latter cited the same Russian scientist, Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky. Icke has long considered our Moon to be artificial as well. And, also in 2010, on the George Noory show, Richard Hoagland also called Phobos artificial. I started, barely, to listen to this show, and he said the ESA had sent a probe to Mars in 2003.

But I do wonder: why this article now? Is it just to promote the author’s book, cited at the end of the article?

Another rabbit hole, should you care to plunge . . .

On the other hand, this idea of artificial moons, whether ours or Martian, is intrinsically interesting, and if true, would be one more discovery that could blow up the official smug, head in sand, “we are alone” world-view.

BTW: I’m all for calling our Moon artificial, and saying, with Icke, that it is used by somebody or other to emotionally control us. I sure felt “controlled” during that 35-year slog through menstruation, and miraculously free of its tidal swings now.

Space Agency: Phobos Is Artificial

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