Is mainstream news starting to switch from fake to real?

Lately, I’ve been hearing scuttlebutt that the MSM is going to turn itself around, now that it’s becoming obvious they are rapidly losing their audience by going in the same fake direction. Dig it, folks. The American public is waking up.

And wouldn’t you know, a few days ago, the NYT posted something that raised my eyebrows —

— in which they admitted that their much ballyhooed Steele Dossier was a lie and false. However, what the NYT did not say was that their reporters were in on it. Instead, they said their reporters were fooled.

Yeah, good call: blame the other guy for the collusion you both engaged in to (try to) get rid of Trump.

Now I come across an even more interesting long form article, done after a two-year investigation by another mainstream source, Newsweek! I first saw it on Telegram. And it seems to be going viral.

Newsweek: Inside Military’s Secret Undercover Army

The above needs to be absorbed in its entirety; plus it reminds me of all the former and ongoing hoopla about what are indeed likely secret space programs that also speak of extraterrestrial life.

Q Confirms Secret Space Programs Real & Extraterrestrial Life Exists

Remember hacker Gary McKinnon, his discovery of Solar Warden? That was twenty years ago, so we shouldn’t be surprised to discover that other in-the-shadows military programs exist that go undetected and unregulated.

This latest type of unrecognized military program goes under the moniker “Signature Reduction,” by which it means clandestine, in one way or another. Undetected and undetectable.

Which reminds me. Where does the money come from to fund any of these programs? Might we suspect the extremely profitable horror of child trafficking as undergirding them all?

Search duck duck go for <child trafficking exopermaculture> to see how many posts I’ve devoted to just this topic.

Okay, mainstream news, get on it. THIS — including child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, murder, adrenochrome, and Satanic Ritual Abuse —  is the issue that must become front and center of all your publications if you wish to not only become relevant, but to help take down what you formerly helped to cover up. And when I say all, I mean it. Local mainstream news too. For this hell on earth is threaded throughout localities, world-wide.


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